The Foundations of Diet and Exercise: Why Vitamins and Protein will help you lose weight

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Article by Gerald Fitz

Everyone who is trying to lose weight and be fit can probably rattle off the right two phrases: Diet and Exercise. What many people don’t know is the foundation of these two practices. While many people are able practice these two things and lose weight and see health gains, some people never see results. Often these people get discouraged and up bouncing around from diet to diet, and fitness routine to fitness routine. To prevent being in this situation tall people need to do is remember that the key to diet and exercise is incorporating the right fuel for their body.

Protein is the number one nutrient that your body needs when exercising. It’s so important that it’s useful when trying to lose weight or bulk up. While some people think of protein as a means to build big muscles; they fail to realize that protein is very important to for losing weight. First of all, lean muscle burns more calories than any other tissue in the body. And this happens at rest. The more muscle in your total body mass, the more calories your body burns each day by simply existing.

The reason protein is so important for building muscle is that all muscles break down and deteriorate during exercise. Your body needs amino acids in order to repair those tissues, the easier access the body has to the right amino acids, and the easier it is to repair the muscle tissue. Amino acids = Protein. Most people get protein in the form of meat, but since lots of meats are also packed with fat, many people want to avoid them in their diet. The easiest way to make up for this is to take a protein supplement. Most supplements are either in the form of soy or whey protein. Whey protein is the best choice for people trying to lose weight, since it is very low in fat. Whey protein supplements also usually contain all of the necessary, essential amino acids that the body needs.

The other foundation for diet and exercise is making sure that people have all the balanced vitamins that they need. When you are trying to cut calories one of the most difficult things to do is to keep track of what vitamins you are getting, and which you are not. Add to this that many popular diets aren’t balanced around vitamin intake (e.g. Atkins and South Beach) and what should be a healthy diet can easily lead your body deprived. However, there is a simple solution that can help anyone, regardless of what diet plan they are on – take a multivitamin. If you are sick of eating oranges in the morning for breakfast, but can’t find another source of vitamin C in your diet – take a multivitamin. If you are sick of having to juggle your vitamin b1, b2, b3, b6, b12s, etc… – take a multivitamin.

Multivitamins give your body all the essential daily vitamins it needs, while giving you the flexibility to eat whatever your diet prescribes. By taking a multivitamin you will be able to secure your body all the balanced nutrition it needs. By having balanced nutrition, you won’t experience hunger pains and cravings resulting from a vitamin deficiency. You also give your body all the tools and resources it needs to break down carbohydrates for energy and repair muscles. Without a multivitamin your diet may cause more harm than good.

Add multivitamins and protein to your diet and exercise, and you will have set a solid foundation for weight loss and a healthier body.

Healthy Living Organic Vitamins

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People need vitamins for healthy living and functioning body parts. The needs of vitamins differ based on things like the type of work, age, weight, environmental stress, genetics and lifestyle. Vitamins can be obtained from natural food and supplements. Organic vitamins are best for a healthy and sustainable.


Most vitamin supplements are produced from chemicals. The chemicals used are designed to impersonate the natural vitamins in natural foods but since they are synthetic, they do not give a perfect result for the body. Vitamin A is obtained from natural food is perfect for everyone and that is exactly what everyone needs. In addition, natural foods contain other nutrients for the body.


Organic vitamins are essential for improving the vitamin in the blood and maintain good health. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get the vitamins and organic foods as food chemicals.

If a person is not enough vitamins in natural foods, so vitamin supplementation is strongly recommended.


Organic supplements are considered better than synthetics because they do not contain fillers, additives and dyes. Some supplements containing inorganic by-products are very harmful to many people. For example, some people are allergic to food dyes. Vitamins are organic substances of natural origin that contains high-quality nutrients and pure essential and beneficial for the body. Organic vitamins prevent the body is exposed to various types of diseases and healing the body against diseases present.


Studies show that vitamins organic conservation of energy in the body and make people more active and keep people more energy during the day.

No organic nutrient is also important, but the method used to make this vitamin is not natural, so the body cannot get full of vitamins and nutrients to synthetic supplements. Unused portions of a synthetic vitamin to go to waste, so an organic whole food vitamin are highly recommended.


Organic vitamins can be easily selected by looking carefully pasted on it. The ingredients are listed on the organic materials do not contain fillers. In addition to organic vitamins, it is better to take natural foods to eat a balanced diet. Today, there are special vitamins organic, for specific parts of the body, such as collections or specific muscles, and these types are useful for many sports.


Organic vitamins help in healing faster and provide more energy for your body. Organic vitamins are ideal for weight control and organic multivitamin contains several types of benefits to the organization.  Many options are on the market making it easier for everyone to get more healthy and fresh health by simply eating organic vitamins regularly.

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