The Value Of Mediation

December 3rd, 2011 No Comments   Posted in Mediation

What is the value of mediating your pre- and post-decree divorce issues? Below are just a few of the couples who have used our services for their divorce related needs and have expressed the value in their own words:

Adam – Before mediation, I thought we didn’t need it and we could resolve everything by ourselves. After the first meeting with Brian, I realized there was far too much bitterness and animosity and we needed a fair and unbiased third party.

Chris – Brian gave us a lot of ideas and plans on how we could work together to benefit our son.

Justin – The price was great. Our whole divorce was only $ 4000 total and C.E.L. & Associates was what helped keep the costs down.

Emily – By going through mediation, we didn’t fight, our divorce was amicable, and I truly believe Brian did a great job of keeping our children’s best interests at the forefront the entire time. There were times when we weren’t thinking of our children and Brian helped keep us focused. Also, staying out of court and away from the lawyers was an added bonus.

Not every divorce mediation is as positive as the above. However, in almost every mediation I have conducted over the years, the couple has walked away with at least one agreement that has in some way benefited both they and their children. One agreement reached through mediation can save thousands of dollars and many hours spent in court.

Mediation isn’t for everyone. Active domestic violence, mental health issues and the inability to speak for oneself prohibits you from mediation. Otherwise, every couple going through a divorce or those who are divorced and need help with post-decree issues can benefit from mediation services offered by C.E.L. and Associates.

A call to a mediator should be the first call you make for your pre- and post-divorce decree problems. If you do, your divorce experience will be less costly and not as emotionally draining as it would if your first call was to an attorney who is looking for a battle, at your financial and emotional expense.

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