Old Home Remedies Are Still an Effective Way to Treat Illness and Disease

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Article by Sona Tandon

When looking at our herbal heritage, and the old home remedies, passed through the ages by word of mouth (usually by women who tend the house and hearth), using this wonderful treasure is something that must be done.

Unfortunately, the last generation, and those still to come, who have chosen nuclear families, have lost this tradition. Many of us didn’t have mothers and grandmothers near us to give us harmless old home remedies, passed on from generations, when small health problems came up.

We were taught to go to the doctor if health problem started to get in the way of our normal day-to-day work. Not paying attention and not recognizing any beginning symptoms whenever an illness starts is the primary reason why it takes hold and becomes hard to fix later on.

It’s interesting how our heritage of the old home remedies, used by folks through the ages, isn’t seen as valuable today, and is dismissed by most when it’s not brought forth in colorful pills. Recent trade conferences around the world (and other treaties) tend to confirm all this.

Drugs are the name of the game with modern medicine and the process often requires invasive intervention. This, of course, isn’t the answer, especially when easily affordable, proper and natural health care is ther for all to take advantage of.

Prior to disease being diagnosed, warning symptoms and signs can be recognized. These can usually be helped quite nicely with home remedies and lifestyle change. Our body has an inbuilt and innate ability to heal, and this should be tapped, as nature, wanted to be.In the home, the woman frequently the first person asked to help with headaches, cuts and burns, indigestion and insomnia, rashes, and more. To help this woman, and remembering what each home has, whether it be on the kitchen shelf or in an outside garden, or just around the home in general, the old home remedies are time tested and safe in-house prescriptions to aid with any daily and common health issues.

Your doctor is the one to consult with if you just don’t get better. A few of these remedies are complimentary to allopathic treatment. e.g. with diabetes, your levels of blood sugar will need to be monitered and by taking the old home remedies that help to lower the blood sugar levels, which in turn help to lower the allopathic drug requirement.

Many people, particularly those with health fads, have the tendency to overdo things in a hurry to get well. This defeats the very purpose of the treatment. e.g. Garlic is a much-touted remedy for anything from curing colds to coronary artery disease, but taking too much garlic in one go may not be tolerated by all constitutions, and may have an ill-effect.

Perhaps the most effective approach towards healthcare is to combine the simple but effective old home remedies with sophisticated modern therapies. Any prejudice against home remedies would therefore be unfair and unwarranted.

These old remedies are prepared in different ways. Sometimes they are taken as herbal teas, infusions, decoctions, cold extracts, juices, powders as well as paste. The dosage have been the same over generations, which make them absolutely safe. Practically all of them have been the focus of funded studies from time to time.How these old home remedies work

Herbs, condiments, vegetables and fruits are nature’s gifts. They are blessed with the wonderful ability to absorb inorganic substance from the environment and transform them into life giving and supporting essential ingredients. The body of humans is a living organism, and each has a life-force that sustains it.

The medicament that is in remedies such as these is in the form of enzymes, trace elements and minerals, essential oils and alkaloids. After they are absorbed they will then be assimilated in the precise quantity the body needs. This means that the correct natural herbal remedy, taken as soon as physical symptoms appear, aids the body’s healing system. Since these form part of a person’s daily diet, anything in excess is excreted.

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Why Use Tinnitus Home Remedies and Take an Holistic Approach to Treat Tinnitus

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Article by Serena Loo

It’s quite disappointing to know that until today there is no guaranteed medical cure for ringing in the ears, a condition known as tinnitus. People with tinnitus tried various over-the-counter remedies, herbs, homeopathy and tinnitus home remedies to seek relief from their tinnitus symptoms.

The problem with OTC medications is the side effects they cause, such as nausea, vertigo, constipation, loss of control, exhaustion.

Frustrated sufferers may also seek relief from herbal remedies, such as Gingko biloba or black cohosh that are claimed to improve blood circulation in the upper body and thus lessen the severity of tinnitus. However, tinnitus herbal remedies are not treating the condition at its root cause, but merely conferring minor relief.

Of late, many tinnitus sufferers find homeopathic remedies to be effective in treating their condition. However, not every tinnitus patient find permanent relief through homeopathy. The only way that is left is tinnitus home remedies to bank upon.

Does home remedy really work? Actually, tinnitus home remedies can only work well if they are addressing the underlying causes of tinnitus. To achieve this, you have to find out what is causing your tinnitus.

The causative factor might be a single factor or multiple co-existing problems that lead to tinnitus.

Some of the important factors leading to tinnitus are:

* Frequent exposure to loud noises, such as noise occurring at steel stamping or forging units, listening to MP3 player or iPod on high levels of volume.

* Microscopic damages on the auditory nerves.

* Infection in the middle ear, build up of earwax.

* Inadequate blood supply in the upper body.

* Certain jawbone joint problems.

* Long-term use of certain medications, e.g. NSAIDs and anti-cancer drugs.

* Allergies, growths or tumors within the ear region.

Tinnitus home remedies that have been used to relieve tinnitus symptoms include:

Gingko biloba – to improve blood circulation in the head and neck region, provides relief to the condition in a more positive way.

Goldenseal, hawthorn, myrrh gum and burdock root are several commonly used herbal remedies for tinnitus sufferers.

Co-enzyme Q10, taken at a dose of 300 mg daily, also helps improve the upper body blood circulation and strengthening the immune system, which in turn provide relief to tinnitus.

Home remedies for tinnitus work very well, provided they are used concomitantly with holistic treatments. Again, it will be difficult to experience appreciable tinnitus relief if the true cause of the condition is not addressed. The home remedies for tinnitus do dampen the symptoms for a short while, but symptoms will reappear once the remedy is taken off.

Holistic remedies take a different approach; they treat the body as a whole, and not so much on treating the symptoms of tinnitus alone. Symptoms are mere manifestation of the condition. Holistic remedies go deeper to identify the root causes of tinnitus and then specify the appropriate range of treatment, which may include changing diet and lifestyle, using acupuncture and acupressure.

Besides tinnitus home remedies there are also natural tinnitus remedies to help you banish tinnitus without the use of drugs.

Serena is a freelance health writer who has written for international medical communications and pharmaceutical companies.