The 7 Best Thrush Home Remedies

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Article by Dr Self Help

The following thrush home remedies will help you if you have any of the following symptoms. Give me thrush home remedies! – Common Thrush Symptoms:

Pain whilst passing urine.Vaginal pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse.White and cheesy-looking discharge from the vagina or under the foreskin. Itchy and swollen genitals.Red spots or rash on the penis, scrotum or groin.Excess Candida causes symptoms known as Thrush. If your immune system is depleted, you have a high sugar diet, acid body chemistry or are low in ‘good bacteria’, Candida breeds like crazy and then will drive you crazy with the very uncomfortable symptoms of thrush. All effective thrush home remedies must address excess Candida in some way. 7 of the Best Thrush Home Remedies:Best Thrush Home Remedies #1.‘Good bacteria’ help keep Candida in your body at low levels. Either increase your dietary update of yogurt that contains ‘good bacteria’ or invest in a probiotic supplement. Best Thrush Home Remedies #2.Although not official thrush home remedies, Teatree, Myrrh and Tagetes oils all have anti-fungal properties. A cream with any of these oils as an ingredient should help your symptoms. You still need to address the cause of thrush but this will stop the itching for a while. Best Thrush Home Remedies #3.Reduce sugar intake. Candida feeds off sugar. Sugar acidifies the body chemistry. Cutting down sugar intake both starves Candida of its food source and helps create an environment in which Candida finds it hard to survive. Best Thrush Home Remedies #4.Wear a condom. Safe sex is the most effective of thrush home remedies. Couples can get into a ‘revolving door’ infection cycle with Candida where one person gets clear only to get reinfected by the other. Condoms create a physical barrier during sex and greatly reduce the risk of re-infection from sexual intercourse. Best Thrush Home Remedies #5.An FDA approved homeopathic treatment is one of the most effective thrush home remedies. Investing in an FDA approved homeopathic treatment ensures high quality. It may be the most important key to curing your thrush problem. Best Thrush Home Remedies #6.Become more alkaline. When you increase your body’s alkalinity Candida finds it a lot harder to survive. Implementing thrush home remedies such as alkalizing is made easier and quicker by using an alkalizing supplement. Best Thrush Home Remedies #7.Stay away from antibiotics. This one is pretty simple. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria that kill Candida. If you have a history of thrush avoid antibiotics where possible. When investigating thrush home remedies be aware. Some treatments calling themselves thrush home remedies either don’t work or are dangerous. Thrush Home Remedies you should avoidPharmaceutical companies have not succeeded when it comes to thrush home remedies. Their topical cream products treat symptoms not causes and are unreliable. Also avoid so-called thrush home remedies that containing boric acid. It is a deadly poison and not something you want on or in your body.

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