Causes and Home Remedies for Dandruff

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Article by Brucebud

The term dandruff generally refers to the condition of the skin wherein shiny, silvery scales separate from the scalp and collect amidst the hair. Seborrheic dermatitis is quite a common skin condition that affects the scalp causing an itchy scalp and scaly or flaky skin and stubborn dandruff. The condition can become troublesome when the skin gets infected.

There are two main types of dandruff, namely dry dandruff and oily dandruff. Those with an oily skin tend to suffer from oily dandruff while those with dry skin suffer from dry dandruff. The type of dandruff home remedy that one chooses must therefore be decided according to the type of dandruff. Oily dandruff can be a little tougher to treat as it tends to recur quite easily while dry dandruff can be prevented quite easily. Nevertheless, with a suitable dandruff home remedy and a regular hair care regimen, you can get obtain permanent relief from this condition.

While most people see dandruff as a purely cosmetic problem that can be embarrassing at times, dandruff can have several serious repercussions. Dandruff increases one

Are Home Remedies Better than a other method?

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Article by Shah

For the simplest issues that can be wrong there are times when a home made remedy can be the perfect solution. Trying to decide if a it is the best solution for your needs is something that should be determined based on your own particular situation, rather than trying to compare your situation to that of someone else. It is also extremely important to realize that there are times when a doctor is much better equipped to handle your problem, or another professional. Trying a home remedy is all about saving money, using natural solutions and also ensuring safety.

With this in mind, it can be a lot of fun to venture off to find the perfect home remedy for whatever ails you. Just be very sure that you are looking for a home remedy that is safe. If you are looking towards home remedies that are a bit dangerous, you could find that you are encountering a lot of complications and also putting your health in severe danger. It is extremely important to closely monitor situations to ensure that safety is a key concern but also ensure that you are giving proper attention to this.

Many people swear by home remedies. They very rarely even venture to the doctor and due to this they can avoid most doctors

Heartburn Home Remedies-Amazing Remedies for Heartburn

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Article by Hugh Garc

Heartburn Home Remedies

Heartburn is a burning up discomfort and soreness within the stomach and chest, behind the breastbone. The actual symptoms of heartburn will be the next: bloatedness, gas, nausea, shortness of breath and/or an acidic or even sour flavor within the throat and mouth.

Heartburn is actually triggered any time hydrochloric acid, that is use to digest foods, is actually discharge up the esophagus. On the way up the acidity irritates the actual delicate tissue within the esophagus as well as throat. Generally the actual esophageal sphincter muscle mass contracts therefore stopping the actual stomach acid from firing upward in to the esophagus, however when this particular muscle mass isn’t working correctly, the actual acidity may slip past it which is actually any time heartburn signs begin, however it is known as Gastroesophageal reflux illness due to the muscle mass failure however it

Medical home remedies can easily correct vision problems

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Article by Darrell Dickman

Medical home remedies can quite nicely take up the responsibility to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision, whether it is myopia, old age sight, hyperopia, astigmatism, or amblyopia that is inflicting the blurry vision for any reason, whatsoever.

It was Dr. W. H. Bates, an eye doctor of great ingenuity, who took up this challenge the very first around 100 years in the past with beginning curing myopia for good. Later he extended his remedies to the rest of the vision problems together with presbyopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and amblyopia along with myopia; and cured thousands of sufferers with blurry vision all through his lifetime involvement with his medical home remedies.

Myopia exhibits you every thing blurred at a distance although you’re quite comfortable together with your nearsight.

, afflicts all those who have never been myopic of their 40s with problem that starts with reading at close quarters in the beginning and later with the passage of years extends additionally to show blurry far as well.

Individuals afflicted with farsightedness (hypermetropia) can see distant objects effectively, however their nearsight sight goes blurred creating issues in reading and writing.

In such situations if folks begin straining their eyes making an attempt to see clear, they further worsen the situation, either fattening or else flattening the eyeball further. If these distortions within the shape of the eyeball take place unsymmetrically along its periphery in a single or all meridians, a problem of astigmatism gets hooked up to the issue that the particular person was already troubled with, worsening his or her blurry vision even more than before.

Amblyopia is another vision problem that reduces the acuity of vision though there is no such thing as an error of refractive index in the act of seeing. It typically afflicts any one of the two eyes more than the other, because the brain suppresses the picture seen by this amblyopic eye turning it dimmer than the other. The overall effect of this nervous system-maneuver, which mostly affects children lots, is to cut back general vision in both of the eyes as such.

Dr. William H. Bates invented a set of exercises characterizing medical home remedies, speculated to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision via turning the act of seeing right into a state of central fixation of the eye, which he associated with the central fixation of the mind. The workouts did work to an incredible degree of extent for the reason that he himself was there to steer the patient through each and every one of them, alleviating even macular degeneration and glaucoma along with the rest of them through central fixation of the eye. People very enthusiastically took them up as medical home remedies to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision.

After his death, folks went on persevering with with improving eyesight with the same set of workouts as medical home remedies to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision with the steering of experts who were specially educated in the Bates Method; however unluckily the spark that Bates himself had in sculpting his procedural outcomes went on getting misplaced in the oblivion with the passage of time. People stopped getting nearly as good outcomes with the set of workout routines that Bates himself was getting them provided together with his active involvement within the same.

I actually was a sufferer to this state of affairs as I began following his system of medical home remedies to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision to be able to remedy my lifelong myopia that I had been a victim to for the past fifty three years of my life.

The workout routines including palming as the primary constituent of them simply did not appear to work as it came to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision at my personal level!

Then the miracle occurred!!

On December 12, 2004; it happened so that I was standing in Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi, India; waiting for my spouse to come back and join me for some procuring over there.

As I totally exhaled casually so as to come out of the rigidity of having continued standing at one single place for long, I immediately found that I had started seeing each single object crystal clear in the field of my vision far and wide.

It was instantaneous!!!

I later developed it into an entire new discipline of opening the body chakras by way of re-posturing the body curing not solely the vision problems but additionally almost all the continual lifestyle ailments in it.

And it was exactly what Bates had termed to be the central fixation of the eye as well as the central fixation of the mind. It was solely that he unfortunately had not been in a position to design an objective set of workout routines for attaining the said central fixation that I, following in his footsteps, somehow could fortunately come up with; which was not exactly any set of workouts to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision, it moderately was a particularly vast and subtle process of posturing the body in a wholly new and the most scientific approach that humanity has not still come up to since our species stood on its two’s from its four’s within the changing pattern of evolution from our mammal ancestors on their four’s.

Still the process, though instantaneous, was so vast and so subtle that I could not have done any actual justice with it, had I written an e-book trying to elucidate all that by way of words and/or photos as well as movies either in black and white or electronically so. It could have developed into an analogous mistake that individuals had felt via finding Bates set of workouts as medical home remedies to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision a lot much less efficient once he was personally not personally available with them after his death.

Hence I needed the bodily proximity of the individual whose chakras I might be opening to correct vision problems turning them to 2020 vision together with curing virtually all of the prolonged way of life illnesses with my new medical home remedies of chakra opening classes that I now provide as Single-Person Chakra Opening Workshops for it at my center comprising 2 eight-hour sessions on 2 consecutive days.

However I very well know that every soul and everybody over the earth will not be able to make herself or himself available to me in person for the sake of bodily proximity that my actual huge and the most refined procedure of opening chakras via posturing the body in its most scientific approach requires, for many more causes than one. Only a few would be capable of doing so.

It was for this reason that I searched in the vicinity and found this man Duke Peterson, an ophthalmologist himself, who has authored this e book named Vision Without Glasses, saying good bye to his established ophthalmological practice and tradition for working his way alongside Bates method alone. He also confronted comparable difficulties with the Bates Methodology as medical home remedies, as he started curing his own by the same. He too had to spend many years perfecting his system bypassing the subjective vagaries in Bates Technique along with his personally developed “short-cuts” within the system which claim to put “Dr. Bates On Steroids” so far as comments from his sufferers go saying.

Though his “short-cuts” are quite different from my strategy that I came to evaluate as I went reading his work that he has provided you with, nonetheless they’re quite time-saving short-cuts addressing and filtering the objective gist out of an insightful yet subjective method of Bates Classical Methodology that he had given to the world as a gift as way back as hundred years from now.

I strongly advocate Duke Peterson’s Vision Without Glasses in case you aren’t able to attend my Single-Person Chakra Opening Workshop for any constraint, whatever it might be.

Medical home remedies can quite nicely accept the challenge to correct vision problems turning all of them to 2020 vision, be it myopia, old age sight, farsightedness, or astigmatism.

Home Remedies For Allergies

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Article by Johnstrut

Allergy could be defined as a harsh response to any substance which is not harmful. There are a couple of substances which can give rise to allergy in an individual; these substances are called as allergens. Pollen, feathers, chemicals, animal hackles, mites, dust and a number of foods are common allergens.

Some of the allergens are known for causing respiratory problems whereas others can lead to stomach ache, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever. The respiratory allergies could be both seasonal (in case the source is a food item) or chronic. Allergies home remedies are helpful in diagnosing, reducing and treating the symptoms of allergies.

Potent Allergies Home remediesOne of the good home remedies for allergies involves using the tea of chamomile as a natural anti histamine. The drink is very popular worldwide. Drinking a cup or two of this tea sugared with pure honey everyday can increase the immunity of the body towards allergens. However, chamomile tea should not be consumed if the individual is ragweed allergic.

One of the effective home remedies for allergies includes using garlic, which is a natural producer of immunity in the body against several types of allergens. Garlic is also known as a decongestant agent therefore, it is an important ingredient in all cold and cough medicines. Fresh garlic is always better than it’s crushed or paste form. In case, a person suffers from acidity, garlic intake should be avoided.

Pure and plain form of honey is one of the good home remedies. It will not only fight against allergens but also builds immunity against different types of pollens. It should be kept in mind that if honey is cooked, its beneficial properties are gone.

The tea made of peppermint is one of the effective home remedies for allergies as it helps in relieving any congestion from the respiratory tract and the nose. In summer season, peppermint tea is quite refreshing and prevents sinus problems and cough.

Some also prefer below mentioned homemade remedies for allergies

Allergy home remedies also involve the use of ginger as it covers all the allergy causing factors. Ginger not only makes the body immune against allergens but also prevents histamine from over secreting, which can be troublesome for the allergic patient.

One of the effective home remedies for allergies include consuming black tea or green tea to prevent the over secretion of histamine the natural way. It is good to have tea with few drops of honey added. Black tea is although a good cure for allergies but it cannot replace green tea in benefits.Congestion can be treated with thyme. The tea can be used to cure problems of sinus, cough and stuffed nose. The tea can be prepared by adding a teaspoon of dried form of herb in a glass of water. It should be noted that the tea should not be consumed more than one time a day.Vitamin E is well known for its property of being anti allergic. If a capsule of four hundred milligrams of vitamin E is consumed daily for at least three to four weeks, allergy can be prevented.

Many people have allergies of some thing or the other. There are many among such people who find it hard to know the exact cause of their allergies. Allergy can be of anything like dust, smoke, some soap, some oils, some medicines, some vegetables and some kind of fruits, etc. There are various home remedies for allergies that can help in any kind of allergies. Seasonal allergies mostly occur during winter or summer or when the climate changes from one to other season. Chronic allergies are those allergies, which are caused due to some allergen, and it doesn’t depend on weather.

There are various symptoms of allergies, which again depend upon the reason for allergy and the seriousness of the allergy. Here are few symptoms of allergies that are listed in increasing order of the seriousness of the allergy.

Nasal blocking Skin rashes Difficulty in breathing Itchiness of the eyes Vomiting Abdominal pains Cramps Dysentery Giddiness

There are medications available for treating the allergies but it is better to try home remedies for allergies first and see if they are working on your allergies or not. Home remedies don’t have any side effects and help getting cure fast.

Home remedies for Allergies:

If you have allergy to dust, then the first thing you should do is keep your house and surrounding clean. As much as possible keep the house dust free. Whenever you go out of the house wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. This will also prevent the dust from entering your body. You can buy a humidifier, so as to keep the humidity levels in check. Avoid sitting in rooms, where there is no proper ventilation. You can hire a maid to do the cleaning work, as while cleaning the house lot of dust may enter your body.Taking vitamin E supplements of about 400 mg dosage daily till six weeks will also act as a good support in preventing the allergies.dd castor oil to one cup of water and drink it on an empty stomach. This is also very effective in preventing the allergy.In any fruit juice or vegetable juice of your liking add few drops of castor oil and drink it.For a month, take 100 mg of vitamin B5 on a daily a basis. This will give you quick relief from the allergy you are suffering from.Add plenty of garlic while preparing your food, as garlic gives instant relief form allergies of any kind. You can also fry two to three garlic cloves in butter and eat it for getting relief from allergies.Taking one glass of limejuice by adding one teaspoon of honey into it is very effective way of curing allergies of all kinds. You can drink this limejuice with honey on a daily basis for about a month for getting complete relief form allergies.Ginger is also very effective in treating the allergies. Cut few ginger pieces and add them into one glass of warm water and add honey into this. Drink this mixture and bite the ginger pieces for speedy relief form allergies.

A unique herbal formula specially designed by our ayurvedic experts to protect you from allergies and infection occurring in your body. A great herbal creation made on the guidelines of ayurveda strengthens the immune system making you resistant of many diseases.

How it Works

URTIPLEX is a powerful immuno modulator and possess anti inflammatory properties. It stimulates the immune system of the body. The activities of URTIPLEX include the stimulation of antibodies that are being secreted when there is any foreign invasion in the body. It promotes the phagocytic activities of the white blood cells to pray on the antigens floating in the body. It also helps in building up the resistance against infections and also prevents relapses. URTIPLEX promotes T cells activities in the body that fights against allergies and infection taking place in the body.

How to take

One to two Capsules two times a daySide effects

No side effects have been encountered by the usage of URTIPLEX when taken in prescribed dosage.

Each capsule contains :

Shankh bhasma – 60 mg Karpardika bhasma – 30 mg

Extracts derived from Urtiplex Capsules :

Rubia cordifolia – 300 mg Acacia catechu – 300 mg Emblica officinalis – 300 mg Picrorrhiza kurroa – 300 mg Adhatoda vasica – 300 mg Curcuma longa – 150 mg Tinospora cordifolia – 150 mg Andropogon muricatus – 120 mg Berberis aristata – 75 mg Hemidesmus indicus – 60 mg Nardostachys jatamansi – 60 mg Zingiber officinale – 30 mg

Urtiplex Capsules Preservatives :

Methylparaben & Propylparaben

Approved colours used in empty gelatin capsules.

Allergy in simple language can be defined as hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic condition is the aggravated form of an attack allergen which in normal time is harmless.Causes of allergy

There are many causes and factors that may lead to allergic condition. Commonly encountered are mentioned below.

Foods – allergy can be caused by any form of food. Commonly people have been found allergic to pistachio, pecans, pine nuts etc. Non- food pr
oteins – it has been found that some people are allergic to latex. This problem is faced by patients. Genetic involvement – it has been seen that allergy follows in the hereditary pattern. It is commonly seen that identical twins suffers from almost same allergy. About 40 % of non identical twins also suffer from allergy as well. It is also noticed that parents with certain allergy may have off springs with similar allergy patterns. Environmental factors – this is the major contributing factor that is been seen commonly. Urban population is seen suffering more with allergies as compared to the rural segment mainly due ti industrialization. Exposure to allergy specifically in the early life may contribute to problems in the later part of the life.

Symptoms of allergy

Most of the allergens are generally air borne and are found in air causing symptoms like irritation in eyes, nose lungs etc. the allergens may also be responsible in narrowing the airways pathways thereby making breathing difficult. Besides airborne infections one can also suffer from allergy from food and water like in the case of food poisoning that commonly causes abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Alergy can also occur on skin causing dermatitis etc.

Alergy can also occur on skin causing dermatitis etc.

Home Remedies For Amnesia

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Article by Johnstrut

A medical state in which the memory of the patient is disturbed or altogether altered is called amnesia. The popular case of transient global amnesia tells us that amnesia could take place on spontaneous basis. Mostly individuals falling in elderly group or middle age experience amnesia; in males especially, the disease lasts for less then twenty four hours.

Let us learn some of the potential amnesia home remediesIt is being said that rosemary, a common herb is related to the disease of amnesia since ages. It is one of the good home remedies for amnesia. The tea of rosemary should be consumed one or two times a day; it helps greatly in the cure of amnesia. Not only rosemary act as one of the good home remedies for amnesia, but the tea is very refreshing for anyone who consumes it.Almonds make one of the best amnesia home remedies. Almonds are commonly known for their role in strengthening the human memory. Hence, it is the best natural agent for the treatment of all the disorders caused to the nervous system. For this purpose, at least ten to twelve almonds should be soaked in water for whole night. In the morning, the soft bark should be peeled off and then it should be grinded in the form of a thick paste. The paste is either consumed as it is or by the addition of a tablespoon of butter.One of the effective home remedies for amnesia includes the use of walnuts. Walnuts are helpful in curing the brain of any weakness. The sufferer should consume almost twenty grams of walnut on daily basis. To add more strength and effectiveness to the dose, ten grams of raisins or figs should be mixed with walnuts.

Brahmi acts as the best home remedies for amnesia. To use this herbal remedy, dry form of herb, about seven grams should be grounded with water, along with seven kernels of almond and about half a gram of pepper. The mixture should be consumed early in the morning for exact fifteen days.

Additional home remedies for amnesia that are found beneficial.In order to get rid of any mental disabilities and having the same active memory back, the sufferer of amnesia should consume an apple everyday along with a teaspoon of honey and one cup of milk.

Fruits which contain plenty of phosphorous like dates, oranges, figs and oranges are known for curing amnesia. They are of much advantage when there is a memory loss due to any inability in the brain. Amnesia patients consume it as their best diet.One of the good home remedies for amnesia lies in honey. Two tablespoons of honey when mixed with seeds of cumin makes one of the good home remedies for amnesia. Consume this mixture one time a day. It will act as the best treatment for amnesia and removes any dullness of memory.Amnesia home remedies also include that the diet of the individual should be rich in phosphorous. For this purpose, foods like juices, milk, cereals, nuts, eggs and pulses should be consumed regularly.According to research, yoga and Pranayama are known to sharpen the memory of an individual.

Due to some kind of brain injury or psychological reasons or due to emotional reasons a person may loose his or her memory, this condition is called as amnesia. In amnesia patient could get partial or complete memory loss. There are different kinds of amnesia depending upon the reasons for getting the amnesia. The patient with amnesia start forgetting names and words and one day forget their own identities. This generally happens in old age.

Home remedies for Amnesia:

In medical science there are various tests that are conducted on the patients of amnesia in order to check how much of their brain is damaged. In case they don’t have any brain injury and the amnesia is caused due to some emotional reasons then there are various psychotherapy methods that help such patients in leading a normal life. There are many home remedies for amnesia , which are helpful in improving the memory.

Eating walnuts has many benefits and one of them is sharp memory for those who eat them. Make a point to eat about twenty grams of walnuts on a daily basis for having the sharp memory.Apple is a rich source of various vitamins and minerals and it is very good in the treatment of amnesia. For the treatment of amnesia you should eat apple and then have one cup of milk with few drops f honey added in it.To make your brain strong enough so that the emotional ups and downs don’t have any effect on brain, eat lots of almonds . You can keep the almonds overnight soaked in water and next day morning eat them after removing their red coating. You can also make a paste of these almonds and mix butter and sandalwood in it. Use this mixture as an inhaler. This will make your brain cells very active.Early in the morning on an empty stomach take a mixture prepared by mixing fine paste of five black pepper and honey together.The herb sage is also effective in reducing the chances of getting amnesia. If you will prepare a tea form the sage leaves and drink it on a daily basis, then your concentration will also improve. This is one of the very effective home remedies for amnesia .Include lots of fruits in your diet, mainly fruits like oranges, grapes, figs, raisins, etc. These fruits will provide the tonic required for the brain to function well.

You can prepare a tea from rosemary leaves and drink it twice in a day for improving your memory.

Wash the basil leaves and eat them for getting good memory. You can eat basil leaves early in the morning and then again in the evening.

Yoga and meditation are also very helpful ways with which you can make your mind more alert and make your memory sharp.

Avoid drinking too much coffee, alcohol and soft drinks as they have adverse effect on health and your mind too. Avoid processed foods and as much as you can eat home cook food.

Human is also a one of the animals created by God. The only thing that differentiates us humans with other animals is the brain. With the grace and blessing of God, humans are provided with the developed brain that provides them with the power to actually rule the world. But with such a stressful life and lots of botheration and most importantly unhealthy lifestyles has lead to the decrease in the activity of our brain functioning. There are many other factors that are also contributing to the decreased activity of the brain. Age is also an important factor that leads to the decreased memory. Deficiency of various vitamins and minerals are also a contributing factor.

In this section of the memory we would provide you with the various remedies and information with which you can get benefit and improve your mental skills

Haridra or turmeric is a herb

Old Home Remedies Are Still an Effective Way to Treat Illness and Disease

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Article by Sona Tandon

When looking at our herbal heritage, and the old home remedies, passed through the ages by word of mouth (usually by women who tend the house and hearth), using this wonderful treasure is something that must be done.

Unfortunately, the last generation, and those still to come, who have chosen nuclear families, have lost this tradition. Many of us didn’t have mothers and grandmothers near us to give us harmless old home remedies, passed on from generations, when small health problems came up.

We were taught to go to the doctor if health problem started to get in the way of our normal day-to-day work. Not paying attention and not recognizing any beginning symptoms whenever an illness starts is the primary reason why it takes hold and becomes hard to fix later on.

It’s interesting how our heritage of the old home remedies, used by folks through the ages, isn’t seen as valuable today, and is dismissed by most when it’s not brought forth in colorful pills. Recent trade conferences around the world (and other treaties) tend to confirm all this.

Drugs are the name of the game with modern medicine and the process often requires invasive intervention. This, of course, isn’t the answer, especially when easily affordable, proper and natural health care is ther for all to take advantage of.

Prior to disease being diagnosed, warning symptoms and signs can be recognized. These can usually be helped quite nicely with home remedies and lifestyle change. Our body has an inbuilt and innate ability to heal, and this should be tapped, as nature, wanted to be.In the home, the woman frequently the first person asked to help with headaches, cuts and burns, indigestion and insomnia, rashes, and more. To help this woman, and remembering what each home has, whether it be on the kitchen shelf or in an outside garden, or just around the home in general, the old home remedies are time tested and safe in-house prescriptions to aid with any daily and common health issues.

Your doctor is the one to consult with if you just don’t get better. A few of these remedies are complimentary to allopathic treatment. e.g. with diabetes, your levels of blood sugar will need to be monitered and by taking the old home remedies that help to lower the blood sugar levels, which in turn help to lower the allopathic drug requirement.

Many people, particularly those with health fads, have the tendency to overdo things in a hurry to get well. This defeats the very purpose of the treatment. e.g. Garlic is a much-touted remedy for anything from curing colds to coronary artery disease, but taking too much garlic in one go may not be tolerated by all constitutions, and may have an ill-effect.

Perhaps the most effective approach towards healthcare is to combine the simple but effective old home remedies with sophisticated modern therapies. Any prejudice against home remedies would therefore be unfair and unwarranted.

These old remedies are prepared in different ways. Sometimes they are taken as herbal teas, infusions, decoctions, cold extracts, juices, powders as well as paste. The dosage have been the same over generations, which make them absolutely safe. Practically all of them have been the focus of funded studies from time to time.How these old home remedies work

Herbs, condiments, vegetables and fruits are nature’s gifts. They are blessed with the wonderful ability to absorb inorganic substance from the environment and transform them into life giving and supporting essential ingredients. The body of humans is a living organism, and each has a life-force that sustains it.

The medicament that is in remedies such as these is in the form of enzymes, trace elements and minerals, essential oils and alkaloids. After they are absorbed they will then be assimilated in the precise quantity the body needs. This means that the correct natural herbal remedy, taken as soon as physical symptoms appear, aids the body’s healing system. Since these form part of a person’s daily diet, anything in excess is excreted.

Sona Tandon provides old home remedies information for healing at home. For effective alternative medicine solutions, visit

5 Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids that Work

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Article by Barisa Wyse

Home remedies for hemorrhoids are becoming more valued as time goes on due to the alarming rise in the numbers of people being diagnosed with hemorrhoids in recent years. Most experts point to our changing lifestyle as the main culprit. People are lacking fiber in their diet, not in-taking enough water, suffer from a lack of regular exercise and work at jobs that require extended periods of sitting. These bad habits are triggering the upswing in hemorrhoid cases along with more and more home remedies for hemorrhoids programs and books.

Our current lifestyle means that many people have a high probability of eventually having hemorrhoids from not just one, but perhaps all four of the risk factors noted above. Fortunately there are many home remedies for hemorrhoids available that do a good job of treating hemorrhoid problems without any need of drugs or painful surgery. Still a word of caution. Before embarking on any home remedies for hemorrhoids, it is highly recommended that you do speak with your doctor to ensure that there are no health problems or dangerous side effects associated with any of the home remedies for hemorrhoids that you are considering.

With the many home remedies for hemorrhoids on the market today, it is sometimes overwhelming to try and find one that is sensible, safe and has the greatest potential to treat your hemorrhoid problem or solves the burning question of how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Here are some tips as to what kinds of content you need to be looking for in any home remedies for hemorrhoids program or book that you may come across and be tempted to follow.

1. Focus On Fiber

With constipation being identified as one of the prime causes of hemorrhoids, it is very important that home remedies for hemorrhoids clearly state the need for lots of fiber in your diet. A fiber rich diet helps to soften stool which makes it easier to pass out of the body during a bowel movement and lessening the possibility of any internal hemorrhoids forming due to ruptured blood vessels due too much strain during bowel movements. Fiber is readily available through most grains, fruits, nuts, beans and brown rice. Fiber pills and other supplements can also help to enrich your diet if you feel that you do not eat enough fiber foods.

2. Promote Water

A lack of water in the body leads to dehydration, which in turn leads to constipation problems, which in turn may trigger hemorrhoids. So water is an essential ingredient in any home remedies for hemorrhoids programs that are worth your time to follow.

3. Careful Exercise

A delicate balance exists between exercise and hemorrhoids. A lack of exercise can certainly trigger hemorrhoids, however on the other hand too much strenuous exercise may also activate hemorrhoids. This fact should be pointed out in the home remedies for hemorrhoids programs, especially the part about the dangers of too much strain during exercise. Exercise is an important factor for general good health, so even with hemorrhoids, you should still have regular exercise.

4. Sitz Bath

Any good quality home remedies for hemorrhoids book or program will recognize and recommend the use of a “sitz bath” as a very effective hemorrhoids treatment. All the sitz bath requires is for the patient to sit in a bath tub containing warm water to promote healing and reduce discomfort. You can even purchase special mini tubs that will fit in your toilet to make this easier.

5. Clean Up Your Act

There is always a danger of getting an infection, especially if your hemorrhoids are open and bleeding which is why is it extremely important that you keep the region around your anus clean following every bowel movement. This should be made abundantly clear in your home remedies for hemorrhoids action plan. Many patients find products such as wet wipes very helpful as they permit a good cleaning without any brisk wiping of the affected area that my irritate the hemorrhoids even more. Ideally, if you have access to a special toilet that rises your anal area using water at the press of a button, known as a “bidet”, then your cleaning problems are solved.

Following the 5 guidelines above when choosing a home remedies for hemorrhoids program to follow will most certainly ensure that you get the results that you want.

Are you suffering from hemorrhoids? Are you looking for information and help to cope with hemorrhoids? Besides being a really “pain in the butt” (no pun intended) having hemorrhoids is not something that most of us really want to have a discussion about. We all want to know how to get rid of hemorrhoids, but often have no idea where to look for information. Well that is about to change! Help yourself and learn to deal with hemorrhoids by clicking either of the links above.

Home Remedies For Freckles

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Lemon juice is among the most efficient natural remedies for freckles. The juice has ability of improving the way your skin appears. It contains some bleaching properties that make it suitable for using in treatment of spots. The juice is applied on the skin using Q tips to attain higher efficiency. The juice helps in effective protection of the sun from UV rays.

The horse radishes are also classified among the best natural remedies for freckles despite its annoying smell and tear inducing characteristics. They have successfully been tested and proven effective for treating conditions such as freckles and brown spots. Grate horseradish and beets. Add water to the mixture to make a thick paste. Apply this paste on the face and leave it for 30 minutes.

The sour cream is applied on the affected area and allowed to stick for about 30 minutes.

The lactic acid in the cream allows a gentle peel that is free of irritation making a convenient way of attaining your goal without compromising comfort.

Natural honey contains a lot of healthy components making it rank among superior natural remedies for freckles. The natural humectants honey contains antioxidants that help in protection of the skin as well as maintaining it soft and healthy. Continued using of honey makes the skin have a healthy and radiant looking skin.

Take equal amounts of parsley, orange, red currant and lemon juice. Mix thoroughly and then apply the mixture on the face. After applying the mixture, cover it with your favorite cream. It has been tested and passed among natural remedies for freckles.

Freckles appear on the exposed skin and they are small colored spots of melanin. If anyone in your family has them, then there are chances that you will also surely have them, as these are genetic. This spots are caused due to the over exposure of uncovered skin to sunlight.  This spots are harmless bit still they look bad. There are medical ways to remove these spots but they are painful and expensive. Hence more people worldwide try home remedies for freckles, as they are very effective in reducing these spots.

Home remedies for Freckles:

Prepare lemon juice and add some sugar into it. Apply this water on the affected area and wash it off after 15 minutes.

Add orange juice, parsley juice and lemon juice and mix them well. Applying this mixture of juices over the affected skin part will show good results in less time.

One of the very effective of all the home remedies for freckles involves lemon juice. Directly applying lemon juice on the affected skin will fade the freckles, so that they will not be visible.

Before going to bed, apply castor oil on the freckles and wash it off the next day morning. You can also apply vitamin E oil instead of castor oil.

You can also apply some oatmeal mixed with vinegar on the freckles and remove it after 20 minutes.

Washing the freckles with sour milk will peel the skin and thus help in reducing the dryness of the skin.

You can prepare packs to apply on freckles from vegetables and fruits and apply them on the freckles to reduce the visibility of freckles. The juices of cucumber, apricots and strawberries are very effective packs for treating freckles.

To treat the freckles on the face, apply the mixture of wheat germ and warm honey. Apply it to your face and wash it off after fifteen minutes. You should first wash it with warm water and then wash it again with cold water. One of the very effective of all the home remedies for freckles.

The mixture of yellow mustard and milk should be applied to face and kept overnight, as this reduces the freckles fast.

Cut one slice of onion and rub it over the freckles. Do this two times in a day for better effect in treating the freckles. Applying buttermilk over the freckles is also one of the effective treatments for freckles.

Your diet should include lots of vegetables and fruits. These things ensure that you have glowing skin. Sesame seeds and turmeric powder should be mixed in equal amounts and made into paste. Applying this paste will give cure from freckles.

Whenever you go out in sun, make sure that you apply sunscreen lotion to protect your skin form UV rays.

Don’t try any chemicals over the freckles, as this will make the situation worst. For this use only natural beauty products.

During winter the freckles appear to be gone but it is not the case, as they might reappear in summer. So don’t stop using these home remedies even if you can’t see freckles at their usual places.

During winter the freckles appear to be gone but it is not the case, as they might reappear in summer. So don’t stop using these home remedies even if you can’t see freckles at their usual places.

Acne Home Remedies for Body Acne Treatment: Remove Acne Scars Now

December 6th, 2011 No Comments   Posted in Home Remedies

Article by Darrell Tepe

Acne Home Remedies for body acne treatment and to remove acne scars is best addressed by old home remedies than through any mainstream medicine. Treatment through old home remedies is very effective as it has permanent positive effect on our health. But treatment through any mainstream medicine only treats us temporarily and makes our body dependent on these medicines.

Acne is a skin disease that turns our skin to look scarred. It affects our face, upper chest and back very badly. Scaly red skin, seborrhea, papules or pin heads, white heads or black heads, comedones, large papules, scars and nodules are some of the names which can occur due to this skin disease.

Acne usually occurs during adolescence. During the period of adolescence, release of testosterone in the body of males and females is abundant. Usually it stays there till twenties and then disappears automatically. But sometimes it doesn’t disappear. It continues till thirties, forties and so on.

Cystic acne affects skin tissues very deeply than others of its types. It can cause large nodules called cysts or boils. These boils usually appear where sweat tends to collect in hair follicles, like on groin, armpits and buttocks.

This all affects our personality in a very negative way. Often we feel ashamed of our own body. We stop ourselves from roaming out and mixing up with people. It creates a psychological complex and sets up a state of depression in our psyche. We don’t even feel free to meet our friends and neighbors. Sometimes it also creates problems in relationships resulting in suicides as well. So it is very important to treat it before the condition takes a drastic turn.

It occurs only because of the blockages in the follicles. Hormonal activity like menstrual cycles and puberty can result in acne too. It can also occur because of the genetic problems.

Increased stress levels can cause increased acne severity which is scientifically proved. A species of anaerobic bacterium can also precipitate its formation. Diet also plays a very important role in worsening the condition. Diets including high glycemic load and cow’s milk can lead to this problem.

There are many medicines available for body acne treatment and to remove scars, but none of them will treat you permanently. Antibiotics, retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, antiseborrheic medications, alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, nicotinamide, azelaic acid and kera-tolytic soaps are some of the names of mainstream medicines. But all these medicines will only treat you temporarily as far as body acne treatment to remove scars is concerned, with lots of side effects involved.

But all hopes are not yet finished!

With acne home remedies, you can work on body acne treatment and remove acne scars permanently.

Here is Mike Walden, a holistic alternative medicine researcher and a certified nutritionist.

He himself was a sufferer to this disease for the last 25 years. He was afflicted by this disease when he was 13 years old. His cheeks, chin line, back and shoulders were all full of cysts. His condition was very severe. He also tried every single medicine that doctors recommended to him but nothing really worked. Then he decided to work against it by himself on his own. After seven years of intensive research, he finally treated himself for good. Now he is leading a very happy life. He did lots of experiments of body acne treatment to remove acne scars with his acne home remedies on many other sufferers too. The results that he got were truly fabulous. You will feel changes in your condition within a few days of using his acne home remedies, in case you are a sufferer too.

He has named his solution for body acne treatment to remove acne scars as Acne No More, which comprises the best of acne home remedies.

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Acne Home Remedies for body acne treatment and to remove acne scars is best addressed by old home remedies than through any mainstream medicine. Treatment through old home remedies is very effective as it has permanent positive effect on our health. But treatment through any mainstream medicine only treats us temporarily and makes our body dependent on these medicines.