Fitness Routine Diet And Exercise During Pregnancy

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If you are pregnant or are thinking about getting pregnant, you may be wondering how that will impact your current fitness routine and diet plan. It is especially important to have a well thought out exercise plan geared especially towards the demands and limitations of a pregnant woman. It is equally if not more important to have a good diet and feed yourself and your growing baby the essential foods you both need to ensure you are both healthy.

Exercise during pregnancy can help prepare you for the coming labour as well as help you bounce back into shape faster after the pregnancy. Before starting any exercise routine during pregnancy it is important to check with your doctor to see if there are any particular forms of exercise you should avoid.

The key factor that all experts agree for exercise during pregnancy is not to over-do it. If you are a fitness buff or just getting started, monitor yourself so you dont over tax your body. If you feel short of breath, light headed, or thirsty stop what you are doing.

Yoga classes geared specifically for pregnant moms-to-be is a great part of a pregnancy exercise routine. Regular walks are also great. Swimming can be a wonderful way to relieve your body of your new added weight for a short period of time. Weight training is a great way to stretch out your muscles as well as keep up your strength, just dont go too heavy.

The first component of a good diet during your pregnancy is supplementation. Start with good supplements so you are getting all the essential vitamins and minerals. A daily dose of 400mcg of folic acid and a tablespoon of fish oil are two of the top supplements you will want to be taking regularly.

There is no doubt that you will be overwhelmed by random cravings during pregnancy. Do your best to eat whole foods i.e. the less processed the foods the better. This holds true before, during, and after pregnancy. When we use the term diet we are referring to a method of eating, we are definitely not saying that you should watch how much you eat. Pregnancy is not a time to try reducing or keeping your calories down. Eat what you feel you body needs to eat, but try to eat good foods as opposed to sweets, junk, and highly processed foods.

So from a high-level look, a good pregnancy fitness routine is comprised of regular moderately-intense exercise, a diet filled with plenty of healthy foods and adequate supplementation. Remember you are doing this not just for yourself but for your baby as well. Take care of the both of yourselves and good luck!

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Laurence Turner Pregnancy Yoga – Yoga Techniques For Pregnancy Review

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