Diabetes Guide to Healthy Living

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Diabetes, and complications that often arise from the disease, increases the risk of developing certain other health problems, including heart and circulatory diseases. To ensure a long and healthy life it’s important to prevent these conditions developing by paying attention to the following diabetes guide to healthy living.

Exercise on a regular basis – Various activities such as walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, will help keep your weight at an ideal level and assist in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Please check with your physician before engaging in any strenuous activity such as jogging or aerobics.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol – Smoking should be completely avoided since it greatly increases the risk of many health problems, including damage to the blood vessels. With high blood sugar you often run the risk of circulation problems and smoking greatly increases the risk.

Drink alcohol in moderation – It is inadvisable to drink on an empty stomach since this can cause hypoglycemia.

Excessive alcohol also contributes to high blood pressure. Please be sure to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis before and after you drink alcohol to see how it affects you.

Maintain a healthy diet – A healthy diet is essential to not only combating this disease but living a long and healthy life. This should include regular meals that are low in fat and high in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables and pulses (beans, lentils and peas).

It’s important to cut down on sugar, especially refined sugars, and to have reduced-sugar foods and drinks. Have chocolate, cakes and sugary drinks as a treat only on special occasions and even then you should watch the amount that you eat. It is also important to reduce the amount of salt in your diet since this contributes to high blood pressure that in turn may cause heart disease and strokes.

Check blood pressure – Blood pressure levels should be checked regularly to ensure they’re at a safe level. General recommendations are twice per day, after lunch and dinner. However, your physician may wish that you test more often.

Please follow the guidelines set out by your doctor. Current guidelines suggest that someone with diabetes should have a blood pressure level
below 130/80.

Watch cholesterol levels – A high cholesterol level
damages the blood vessels and is another risk factor for heart and circulatory diseases.

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A Guide to Healthy Living

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You probably heard it before: “You are what you eat.”
Although it is better to say: “You are what you can get out of your food.”
There are three basic components, which are crucial for healthy living.
They are:
*1  Good Nutrition
*2  Regular Exercise
*3  High Quality Nutritional Supplementation

I will describe in more detail the above three components for
healthy living.

First of all: Good Nutrition.
What do we mean by “good nutrition”?
Good nutrition means: eating the right food that contains all the right
carbohydrates,protein, fat, fatty acids,vitamins,minerals and trace lements,
based on your body type.

When your metabolism is slow, you belong to the “Endomorphs” group of
people. You are naturally overweight, you gain fat and retain water easely.
If you belong to this group, you need:
 45%  Carbohydrates
 35%  Protein
 20%  Fat

Wen your metabolism is higher, you belong to the “Mesomorphs” group of

You are naturally muscular and have little or no body fat.
If you belong to this group, you need:
 50%  Carbohydrates
 30%  Protein
 20%  Fat

The group with the highest metabolism are called the “Ectomorphs”.
You are generally skinny, could eat anything without gaining any weight.
If you belong to this group, you need:
 55% Carbohydrates
 25%  Protein
 20%  Fat

A second factor that determines good nutrition is our body’s ability to
absorb the nutrients from the food that we eat.
The nutrients have to be in a form that the cells can except them, and the

cells have to be in optimum condition to be able to absorb the nutrients.

That is one of the reasons most nutritional supplements miss the mark,
they don’t address the cellular condition of the body.

We also need a sufficient amount of antioxidants, to counteract the
formation of free radicals, caused by our stressful lifestyle,
polution in air and water and malnutrition.
Oxidative stress has shown to be the root cause of over 70 chronic
degenerative diseases.

The second component for  healthy living is Regular Exercise,
At least three times per week.
Aerobics, jogging, swimming, cycling and also include weight
lifting in your exercise routine, which is important for maintaining
a healthy bone-structure.

The third component is: a high quality nutritional supplement.
As I mentioned earlier, most supplements do not address the
cellular condition of your body.
Even worse, many are in a form that is unexceptable for the cells
themselves and don’t contain biological available substances
that are useful for the cells in your body.

High quality supplements  are bio-available,well balanced,
preferable manufactured according to pharmaceutical standards
and potency guaranteed.

Hopefully people who are overweight, don’t exercise or suffer from
any degenerative diseases will take note of these three components,
which are essential for healthy living. 

Adrian Joele became interested in nutrition and weight management while he was an associate with a nutritional supplement company.
Since 2008 he wrote several articles about nutrition and weight loss.

He has been involved in nutrition and weight management for over 8 years and he likes to share his knowledge with anyone who could benefit from it.
He enjoys helping other  people solve their problems.

 For more information about nutrition, weight loss and healthy eating,
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Healthy Living Guide – Everything You Need to Know

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Article by Jamie Brownn

With so many weight loss and diet plans out there, thinking of which one suits you best is already a struggle. In the United States, more than half of the adults are overweight and most of them, if not all, suffer the consequences of being one like with medical issues, low self-esteem, and poor performance.

But considering you are privileged enough to live in a civilized society, gifted with rich soil, and surrounded with all the knowledge and equipments to stay fit and healthy; wouldn

The Healthy Living Guide

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Article by Babu Rao

How crucial is really a healthy life-style to folks on the planet right now? Healthy living is almost certainly probably the most crucial element that a single need to emphasize on but however we do not see that sort of seriousness anyplace. Unhealthy food and unhealthy routines are predominantly witnessed.

What can a single do in this quick paced life to nonetheless be healthy? Here we will speak concerning the most significant ideas that a single has to adhere to to obtain the perfect outcomes.

The 1st rule is as uncomplicated as breathing but nevertheless people today do not adhere to it as on a regular basis because it need to be. The rule is always to drink as a lot as water as you could. Even when you can handle 8 glasses of water that is about roughly 2 liters of water, it is going to show quite very good effects in your physique.Eating healthy will be the essential. Attempt to steer clear of fat as considerably as doable and attempt which includes extra fruits into your diet plan. The very best time to consume these fruits is in between meals according to analysis. Whenever you cook, normally bear in mind to attempt cooking light. Prevent an excessive amount of of fried food. Attempt boiled food rather.Proteins need to be an essential portion of any meal. Your physique desires adequate proteins and eating food wealthy in proteins assists the physique get what it desires. You can attempt which includes protein milk shakes or fish or even beans within your meals as these are wealthy in proteins.Losing weight will truly bring about a healthy living. This will be attained if an ordinary physical exercise regime is included in one’s everyday routine. Attempt something that catches your fancy like dancing, cardio and so on. Yoga is a superb strategy to make certain each a healthy physique and thoughts.When eating, don’t stuff your self. Attempt eating meals which might be smaller in portion. You could consume about 6 instances every day and that can maintain you satisfied at all instances but do not forget to bear in mind the portion size. This practice raises the metabolism of the physique and aids you get rid of fat promptly.To control your cholesterol level and to make sure a healthy living you have to also consume lots of fibers. You may attempt fiber wealthy food like vegetables wealthy I fibers and so on or you could even appear for medicinal supplements. Ahead of taking any supplements usually do not forget to consult a physician for some tips.Numerous sorts of dry fruits and also seeds are recognized to be pretty excellent for wellness nevertheless these are also high in cholesterol and hence must be taken in restricted quantities. A handful is stated to be additional than sufficient to make sure the Holistic living having a healthy diet plan.Steer clear of foods that you simply know have lots of calorific worth. Don’t even believe of potato or even bread which is white. These are very calorific and pretty much useless when compared to food which is healthy.In conclusion a healthy living can only be attained when there’s an alter within the life-style. A healthy life-style will bring a healthy living.

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