Diabetes Guide to Healthy Living

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Diabetes, and complications that often arise from the disease, increases the risk of developing certain other health problems, including heart and circulatory diseases. To ensure a long and healthy life it’s important to prevent these conditions developing by paying attention to the following diabetes guide to healthy living.

Exercise on a regular basis – Various activities such as walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, will help keep your weight at an ideal level and assist in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Please check with your physician before engaging in any strenuous activity such as jogging or aerobics.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol – Smoking should be completely avoided since it greatly increases the risk of many health problems, including damage to the blood vessels. With high blood sugar you often run the risk of circulation problems and smoking greatly increases the risk.

Drink alcohol in moderation – It is inadvisable to drink on an empty stomach since this can cause hypoglycemia.

Excessive alcohol also contributes to high blood pressure. Please be sure to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis before and after you drink alcohol to see how it affects you.

Maintain a healthy diet – A healthy diet is essential to not only combating this disease but living a long and healthy life. This should include regular meals that are low in fat and high in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables and pulses (beans, lentils and peas).

It’s important to cut down on sugar, especially refined sugars, and to have reduced-sugar foods and drinks. Have chocolate, cakes and sugary drinks as a treat only on special occasions and even then you should watch the amount that you eat. It is also important to reduce the amount of salt in your diet since this contributes to high blood pressure that in turn may cause heart disease and strokes.

Check blood pressure – Blood pressure levels should be checked regularly to ensure they’re at a safe level. General recommendations are twice per day, after lunch and dinner. However, your physician may wish that you test more often.

Please follow the guidelines set out by your doctor. Current guidelines suggest that someone with diabetes should have a blood pressure level
below 130/80.

Watch cholesterol levels – A high cholesterol level
damages the blood vessels and is another risk factor for heart and circulatory diseases.

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Celebrity Influence on Diabetes & Healthy Living

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Article by Catherine Albertson

Diabetes can sometimes make you feel alone or singled out; however, it’s important to understand that all types of people have diabetes and many suffer through the same hardships you do, even celebrities. Reading about others’ hardships with diabetes and their efforts to give back to the diabetic community can be inspirational. Celebrities have a tremendous impact on societal views in many ways; which can be both positive and negative. However, in the case of diabetes education and exposure, we have found some celebrities who use their status to educate and promote healthy living.Mary Tyler Moore is one celebrity that’s constantly in the spotlight who works hard to tightly control her diabetes and dedicates her personal time to the diabetes community. According to an article titled “Mary Tyler Moore tells how she took control of diabetes,” written in USA Today (, “few viewers knew that around the time The Mary Tyler Moore Show launched, she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.” This was in the 1970s, and Moore was 33 years old. Since then, Mary has worked to live a healthy lifestyle in order to keep her career and life on track. Her management of healthy foods and insulin injections ( has kept her as healthy as possible. Today, Moore is the international chair woman of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and the author of Growing Up Again, a powerful story that offers her personal account of living with diabetes. She has spent endless amounts of time advocating for diabetes and educating people on the subject. She is truly an inspiration for healthy living with diabetes.Another celebrity who lives with diabetes is Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers. Nick is notorious for his role in the pop-rock band that he formed with his brothers Joe and Kevin. He has touched even more lives through his positive influence and public speaking about life with diabetes. In 2007, the Jonas Brothers performed at a Diabetes Research Institute fundraiser in New York. According to, Nick asked everyone in the audience to raise their hand if they had diabetes and included himself to publicly announce for the first time that he too had diabetes. During the concert, Nick encouraged kids to be positive about their condition, and explained that his positive attitude is what helps him combat his personal struggles with diabetes. With a hectic touring schedule, Nick has to work extremely hard to maintain a healthy diet and effective diabetes management regimen, and he is a constant reminder that even superstars are not invincible. His personal story gives hope to those struggling with diabetes.Mary Tyler Moore and Nick Jonas both prove that you can find a balance in your life and live a healthy life with diabetes. Having diabetes can often times make you feel like you are the only one living with the condition but it’s always important to remember that you are not alone, and that there are people in the public eye willing to give you the inspiration we all need to continue staying healthy and strong.

Catherine is the Senior Manager for Marketing at Patton Medical Devices, the manufacturer for the i-port

Healthy Living with Diabetes

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Diabetes affects about 16 million Americans and about 800,000 new cases diagnosed each year. Diabetes attacks men, women, children and elderly. It race. Diabetes panels are not the main cause of kidney failure, adult blindness and amputations. It is an important risk factor for heart disease, strokes and birth defects and reduces life expectancy by 15 years. So you can see what I’m facing. It is my duty to make sure that none of these things ever happen to my daughter.

I was sure this was a death sentence for my daughter. This happened because my total ignorance of diabetes. A person can live a full life with diabetes. Just take some extra care. Good nutrition plays an important role in a diabetic life. We need to put a meal plan with your doctor and dietitian. My daughter has several meals a day. He has breakfast, snacks, lunch, snack, dinner and other snacks.

Have these meals at the same time each day. This is important. This helps keep the body on a schedule and blood sugar regulated.

Skip meals and snacks can lead to large measurement of blood sugar. To keep blood sugar levels near normal diabetic has to weigh the food they eat with the insulin the body gets from injections and physical activities. Monitoring of blood glucose gives you the information you need to help with this balancing act. Near normal measurements of blood glucose will help you feel better. Normal is between 70 and 120. It will also reduce your chances complications. Lets discuss how a diabetic should eat. Everyone needs to eat nutritious foods. Good health depends on the consumption of a variety of foods containing the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, fiber and water.

Carbohydrates, proteins and fats found in foods they eat. Cover your body with energy. The body needs insulin to use this action. The insulin in the pancreas. If you have diabetes, either your pancreas does not produce insulin or your body can not use the insulin made. Thus, the blood sugar levels will not normal. Starch and sugar in foods are carbohydrates. You can find starch in bread, pasta, cereals, potatoes, beans, peas and lentils. The natural sugars found in fruits, milk and vegetables. There is added sugar in desserts, candy, jam and syrup. All of these carbohydrates can affect your blood sugar. When you eat carbohydrates will be converted into glucose and travel in your blood. Insulin helps glucose enter the beta cells in the pancreas, which can be converted into energy and stored.

Eating the same amount of carbohydrates daily meals and snacks can help to control blood sugar in your blood. Proteins are found in meat, poultry, fish, milk and other dairy products, eggs, beans, peas and lentils. Starches and vegetables have small amounts of protein. The body uses protein for growth, maintenance and energy. The agency must use your insulin eat. Fat protein is margarine, butter, oils, salads, nuts, seeds, milk, cheese, meat, fish, poultry, snack foods, ice cream and desserts. There are three different kinds of fat. Monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated. Everyone should eat less saturated fat found in meat, dairy products, coconut, palm or palm kernel oil, grease and hardened shortening. Saturated your blood can raise cholesterol levels.

The fats that are best are the monounsaturated fats found in canola oil, olive oil, nuts and avocados. Polyunsaturated fats are found in corn, soybean, sunflower or very good. Then eat the fat travels through the bloodstream. You need insulin to store fat in the cells of your body. Fats are used energy. So you can see how big the role of insulin in your body is. Good nutrition is very important for diabetics. Excessive is also very important. Diabetic can live a healthy life complete if we do three things. Eat healthy, Excessive, and give the correct amount of insulin. You need dedication and hard work.

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Why Diet And Exercise Is The Best Diabetes Treatment

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Article by Don Darby

The foundation of any diabetes treatment is diet and exercise. The reason for this because type 2 diabetes is caused by diet and culture. Whenever I’m working with a physician they almost always agree with me that diet and exercise is the best medicine. Therefore the foundation of any diabetes treatment comes down to proper nutrition and exercise.

Our bodies simply aren’t equipped to be able to handle large amounts of food with low activity. And there is no wonder obesity is a major risk factor to developing Type 2 diabetes. Researchers studied the Pima Indians for over 30 years only to conclude that, while 50% of adults have diabetes, 95% of them are overweight.

Obesity and lifestyle are two of the biggest reasons why diabetes has been on the rise over the past few decades. If we could just get these two things handled we’d be well ahead of the game. To help accomplish this here are 3 things that are very important.

Education and motivation

There is hope. You don’t know what you don’t know. So to begin this journey you have to get educated. It takes learning about what the disease is about and taking baby steps towards new habits. Not to mention a desire to make things happen. It takes discipline at times and doing things differently if you want a different outcome in life. Type 2 diabetes is really just a result. It

Healthy Living With Diabetes

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Healthy living with diabetes is really a God’s gift for a diabetic. It is undeniable that a diabetic is mostly in a seriously worrying health disorder condition. How to live with diabetes and manage the health is the major concern to every diabetic patient. Although there are surprising technological advancements in the field of medicine, there is no medically proven cure for diabetes as permanent measure, but it can be managed with proper way of blood sugar control. One can be successful in overcoming the related problems if proper care is oriented in changing the lifestyle.

It is not surprising that so many people are diagnosed with diabetes even at early age. It is important to know what causes diabetes. You know, there are two types in it. Type 1 diabetes is present at birth due to heredity which cannot be prevented. Type 2 diabetes is developing with inactivity and obesity.

Away from these two factors, there are some other risk factors as well which include family history of the disease, age above 40, oscillating cholesterol levels, insulin resistance, and irregular food habits.

If the disease is untreated it can entertain many diabetic complications like blindness, stroke, heart problem, kidney failure, and erectile dysfunction. To the worst of all, amputation of legs may be the end, starting from one or two fingers. If it is diagnosed with early symptoms of diabetes, many risks of diabetic complications can be minimized. You can enjoy a healthy living with diabetes if you take proper care in the following matters:

Healthy eating: You should eat healthy foods that have low sugar, saturated fats and reduced salts. The diet what you consume should be rich in fiber content.

You should eat fresh vegetables and fruits with your daily meal. If your meal contains cereals and nuts, you can have a healthy living in general. Whatever the foods you consume, the quantity should be in measured size with whole grains. And it should be consumed four or five times a day in small portions, and have a check on weight gain.  

Physical activity: Physical activity is highly recommended and very essential for healthy living. If you take care to have mild to normal physical movements in all activities, you can keep your heart and pancreas in good working condition. You will find it easy to control blood sugar levels.

Weight control: Keeping a check on your weight gain can help you to promote your health with normal conditions. If you lose weight and get slim, you can have a safe living with type 2 diabetes. 

Monitoring blood sugar levels: Frequent monitoring of blood glucose levels should be done regularly. You can be safe with these readings if you keep a close watch over the fluctuations.

Bad habits: If you quit smoking and avoid alcohol consumption, you can have longer healthy living with diabetes.

Changing your lifestyle with the help of the above mentioned steps can help you to keep diabetes in control. It will also enable you to enjoy all the benefits. If you want to be hundred percent safe, you should know the full description of foods to eat and foods to avoid.