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Allergy could be defined as a harsh response to any substance which is not harmful. There are a couple of substances which can give rise to allergy in an individual; these substances are called as allergens. Pollen, feathers, chemicals, animal hackles, mites, dust and a number of foods are common allergens.

Some of the allergens are known for causing respiratory problems whereas others can lead to stomach ache, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, headache and fever. The respiratory allergies could be both seasonal (in case the source is a food item) or chronic. Allergies home remedies are helpful in diagnosing, reducing and treating the symptoms of allergies.

Potent Allergies Home remediesOne of the good home remedies for allergies involves using the tea of chamomile as a natural anti histamine. The drink is very popular worldwide. Drinking a cup or two of this tea sugared with pure honey everyday can increase the immunity of the body towards allergens. However, chamomile tea should not be consumed if the individual is ragweed allergic.

One of the effective home remedies for allergies includes using garlic, which is a natural producer of immunity in the body against several types of allergens. Garlic is also known as a decongestant agent therefore, it is an important ingredient in all cold and cough medicines. Fresh garlic is always better than it’s crushed or paste form. In case, a person suffers from acidity, garlic intake should be avoided.

Pure and plain form of honey is one of the good home remedies. It will not only fight against allergens but also builds immunity against different types of pollens. It should be kept in mind that if honey is cooked, its beneficial properties are gone.

The tea made of peppermint is one of the effective home remedies for allergies as it helps in relieving any congestion from the respiratory tract and the nose. In summer season, peppermint tea is quite refreshing and prevents sinus problems and cough.

Some also prefer below mentioned homemade remedies for allergies

Allergy home remedies also involve the use of ginger as it covers all the allergy causing factors. Ginger not only makes the body immune against allergens but also prevents histamine from over secreting, which can be troublesome for the allergic patient.

One of the effective home remedies for allergies include consuming black tea or green tea to prevent the over secretion of histamine the natural way. It is good to have tea with few drops of honey added. Black tea is although a good cure for allergies but it cannot replace green tea in benefits.Congestion can be treated with thyme. The tea can be used to cure problems of sinus, cough and stuffed nose. The tea can be prepared by adding a teaspoon of dried form of herb in a glass of water. It should be noted that the tea should not be consumed more than one time a day.Vitamin E is well known for its property of being anti allergic. If a capsule of four hundred milligrams of vitamin E is consumed daily for at least three to four weeks, allergy can be prevented.

Many people have allergies of some thing or the other. There are many among such people who find it hard to know the exact cause of their allergies. Allergy can be of anything like dust, smoke, some soap, some oils, some medicines, some vegetables and some kind of fruits, etc. There are various home remedies for allergies that can help in any kind of allergies. Seasonal allergies mostly occur during winter or summer or when the climate changes from one to other season. Chronic allergies are those allergies, which are caused due to some allergen, and it doesn’t depend on weather.

There are various symptoms of allergies, which again depend upon the reason for allergy and the seriousness of the allergy. Here are few symptoms of allergies that are listed in increasing order of the seriousness of the allergy.

Nasal blocking Skin rashes Difficulty in breathing Itchiness of the eyes Vomiting Abdominal pains Cramps Dysentery Giddiness

There are medications available for treating the allergies but it is better to try home remedies for allergies first and see if they are working on your allergies or not. Home remedies don’t have any side effects and help getting cure fast.

Home remedies for Allergies:

If you have allergy to dust, then the first thing you should do is keep your house and surrounding clean. As much as possible keep the house dust free. Whenever you go out of the house wear a mask covering your mouth and nose. This will also prevent the dust from entering your body. You can buy a humidifier, so as to keep the humidity levels in check. Avoid sitting in rooms, where there is no proper ventilation. You can hire a maid to do the cleaning work, as while cleaning the house lot of dust may enter your body.Taking vitamin E supplements of about 400 mg dosage daily till six weeks will also act as a good support in preventing the allergies.dd castor oil to one cup of water and drink it on an empty stomach. This is also very effective in preventing the allergy.In any fruit juice or vegetable juice of your liking add few drops of castor oil and drink it.For a month, take 100 mg of vitamin B5 on a daily a basis. This will give you quick relief from the allergy you are suffering from.Add plenty of garlic while preparing your food, as garlic gives instant relief form allergies of any kind. You can also fry two to three garlic cloves in butter and eat it for getting relief from allergies.Taking one glass of limejuice by adding one teaspoon of honey into it is very effective way of curing allergies of all kinds. You can drink this limejuice with honey on a daily basis for about a month for getting complete relief form allergies.Ginger is also very effective in treating the allergies. Cut few ginger pieces and add them into one glass of warm water and add honey into this. Drink this mixture and bite the ginger pieces for speedy relief form allergies.

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Allergy in simple language can be defined as hypersensitivity of the immune system. Allergic condition is the aggravated form of an attack allergen which in normal time is harmless.Causes of allergy

There are many causes and factors that may lead to allergic condition. Commonly encountered are mentioned below.

Foods – allergy can be caused by any form of food. Commonly people have been found allergic to pistachio, pecans, pine nuts etc. Non- food pr
oteins – it has been found that some people are allergic to latex. This problem is faced by patients. Genetic involvement – it has been seen that allergy follows in the hereditary pattern. It is commonly seen that identical twins suffers from almost same allergy. About 40 % of non identical twins also suffer from allergy as well. It is also noticed that parents with certain allergy may have off springs with similar allergy patterns. Environmental factors – this is the major contributing factor that is been seen commonly. Urban population is seen suffering more with allergies as compared to the rural segment mainly due ti industrialization. Exposure to allergy specifically in the early life may contribute to problems in the later part of the life.

Symptoms of allergy

Most of the allergens are generally air borne and are found in air causing symptoms like irritation in eyes, nose lungs etc. the allergens may also be responsible in narrowing the airways pathways thereby making breathing difficult. Besides airborne infections one can also suffer from allergy from food and water like in the case of food poisoning that commonly causes abdominal pain, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea etc. Alergy can also occur on skin causing dermatitis etc.

Alergy can also occur on skin causing dermatitis etc.