Does Diet and Exercise Affect Your Acne?

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Acne is a common problem among young people, especially teens. Although some acne can easily be controlled, it seems that some cases are so persistent no acne treatment can tame them. If you are one of the unfortunate few suffering with persistent acne, take heart – you may not really be doing all that you can to truly start getting rid of acne, even if you’ve practically drowned yourself in prescription and over-the-counter acne treatments. Though the subject is still debated, the research is pretty clear – diet and exercise can affect your acne. Maybe it’s time to include some lifestyle changes in your attempts at getting rid of acne.

A lot of people think that whenever acne problem arises, all they have to do is to use an acne treatment, whether oral or topical. Certainly, once you find the right acne treatment for your condition, getting rid of acne becomes easier, but wouldn’t it be better to stop acne before it starts by keeping your skin clean and engaging in healthy activity and eating every day? While the effect of greasy foods on acne is often overstated in casual conversation, and greasy food is not often a major cause of acne, everything you take into your body contributes to its chemical balance, and the wrong foods can certainly contribute to the excess production of skin oils or another imbalance that will lead to acne.

Greasy foods are one example – another is a dairy product, which can exacerbate acne outbreaks. If you are a sweet-toothed person it may also be a good idea to avoid sweets when you are experiencing outbreaks, as these foods can spike up your insulin levels and make the acne scabs and wounds take longer to heal, and can contribute to scarring, much the same as with those who are suffering from diabetes; so while your acne is raging, lay off the sweets and eat as healthfully as you can, focusing on lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables. This can be the very most effective acne treatment out there.

Another thing that you may not immediately link with acne in your mind is exercise, but if you’re serious about getting rid of acne for good, you should think about it. Lack of exercise can be a huge contributor to persistent acne. Why? Because aside from making you fit and healthy, exercising triggers the release of your body’s natural hormones, many of which effect skin condition, mood, and so much more – we were built to move, and regular exercise lets your body operate as intended. If your acne is caused by lack of normal hormones, exercising can definitely help a lot in getting rid of acne. Besides this, when you exercise you will sweat – and we all know that sweat is one of the body’s ways of removing harmful toxins. If you exercise more you will not only have a fit body but you will also have fewer difficulties getting rid of acne. If you exercise outside, all the better, as moderate exposure to the sun can do wonders for clearing up the skin. If you are already into an exercise program but your acne does not seem to be healing, try to increase your exercise duration moderately and see if it helps.

Proper diet and exercise are among the very most natural means of acne treatment. For persistent acne treatment, a one-two punch of lifestyle changes and finding the right medication or topical treatment can mean all the difference, even when neither solution was working on their own. With this two-pronged approach, you may be on the fast track to getting rid of acne for good.

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How Do Diet and Exercise Affect Your Stress Levels?

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Article by Elizabeth Peterson K.

There are some things in our life that we cannot change, such as stressful situations that we may be dealing with at work or perhaps at home. Although there are some things that we can do in order to achieve a little bit of peace in our life, we all have responsibilities that we need to live up to and even though they are stressful, they are ours to bare alone. There are some ways for you to be able to overcome stress to a certain extent, however, and these can help you to be able to deal with those situations successfully. Two of the most potent of these stress busting activities are diet and exercise.

The first thing that we are going to discuss is diet, as this is often a lot easier for us to change than our physical activity level. It is not necessary for you to make drastic changes in your diet in order to see a reduction in the amount of stress that you have. As a matter of fact, it is often the small changes that you make over the course of time that are going to make the most permanent differences in the way that you feel. Simply begin adding healthy food into your diet regularly, and you will notice a difference over the course of a week or so.

Exercise is also something that is very important in order to help us to deal with stress successfully. Not only can vigorous exercise help us to work out stressful situations, it also helps us because it releases chemicals into our body that make us feel good. These endorphins are released after about 20 minutes of steady exercise and some people enjoy this part of the exercise so much, they become addicted to it. Why not give it a try for yourself, you would be surprised with how good you feel after you are done exercising.

The real way for you to be able to overcome stress to the highest level possible is to combine both diet and exercise. Not only will you start to feel better physically, which helps to reduce stress on its own, it will also help you to feel better mentally. You will be able to achieve a higher level of peace in your life by simply putting forth a little bit of effort and moving your body, along with taking the right things into it regularly.

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Losing Weight Tips For Women – 3 Major Things Besides Diet and Exercise That Affect Weight Loss

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Article by Jen Jolan

Newsflash… weight loss isn’t just about diet and exercise. There are 3 MAJOR things besides diet and exercise that affect weight loss. So I’m going to give you SECRET losing weight tips so you can FAST-TRACK your progress.

Howdy… just wanted to say “howdy” since I recently moved to Texas. Smile. Listen, you may think that weight loss is just about calories, diet, and exercise.

If so, you’d be WAY WRONG.

I could put you on a diet and exercise program this year that you’d lose lots of weight on. But perhaps if I put you on that same diet last year or in a year from now… you’d actually gain weight. Same diet… same exercises. WHAT HAPPENED?

Diet is usually the most important factor in weight loss… followed by exercising. But you need to keep 3 OTHER things in mind if you’re diet and exercising is in order.

Losing Weight Tips

1. Stress

This is not only a silent killer, but it totally knocks your weight loss into a downward spiral. Same diet, same exercises… lose weight with little stress… gain weight if you’re TOTALLY STRESSED OUT. That’s just the way it is… blame cortisol (the STRESS HORMONE).

2. Lack of Sleep

This is a big one. You can exercise all you want and eat really good, but if you’re lacking sleep AND you’re not losing weight… that’s probably the cause of you not losing weight.

People hypothesize that it’s because you’re up longer which gives you extra time to eat more. NOT SO. Lack of sleep is a stress to your body. Your body views this kinda as a survival thing. And when your body goes into survival mode, it will always retain body fat as a “CUSHION” to help it survive.

3. Medications

This is a big reason for the rise is obesity around the Western World. People are over-medicated. Prescription and over-the-counter. Try to avoid these as much as possible. These cause you to GAIN WEIGHT due to the powerful impact they play on your hormones.

A lot of times your hormones will OVERRULE your diet and exercising.

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