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In these economic times, it can be easy to feel a little down. We all like to do things for ourselves for a good pick-me-up such as, the latte, the mani/pedi hour or a great new hairstyle. Other folks like an escape with lottery tickets, sodas and cigarettes. Everyone has a secret pleasure whether it is texting friends on a cell phone or better yet a new cell phone to escape or renting movies. Life is great fun whether it is escaping or living just to get away from bad news.

I’ve been practicing dentistry for 15 years in the Southern Crescent Area and I love it. My mission in life is to help others claim their self-esteem. The best pick-me-up there can be is having a great feeling by someone telling you everything is going to be okay, you are in a safe place and make you feel good by focusing on the most important person in your life – You. Your needs and wants are put in front of all else.

This is what a trip to the dentist could make you feel.

Sometimes it is easy to avoid the dentist by the excuses everyone has – too busy, too expensive and “I don’t have dental insurance”. Sometimes there are other reasons such as fear; embarrassment or we just don’t know whom to trust. Do you know someone in this situation?

Let’s face it; we can all “clean” our teeth ourselves without any profession help, right? The answer is YES, and quite honestly no for some. Everyone has different risk factors in not having a professional cleaning performed regularly. For some, I have seen 20 years without dental care without extensive problems and it is amazing when that does happen.

Maintenance in everything from cars, fitness and lawn is essential in keeping things running correctly.

Oil changes and tire rotations are essential and the life expectancy of owning a car may be seven years. You wouldn’t just put gas in the car until it stopped running if you wanted to keep it in great shape, would you? It is so much cheaper to keep up with maintenance than to keep having breakdowns and car insurance doesn’t pay for repairs or maintenance.

Regular professional dental cleanings perform much more than buffing the stains from your teeth. Early insights to problems such as decay or gum disease caught are substantially less costly. What does a professional dental cleaning cost? It may cost the price of highlights at a mid-level salon or the cost of a family dinner at a moderately priced restaurant. The effects from a sound peace of mind are priceless. Choose health, you will be glad you did.

Dr. Linda King (Kohl) DDS, MAGD is a general dentist focusing on adult restorative dentistry. She has been practicing in her Locust Grove office since 1997. She is one of the youngest female dentists to attain her Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry, an award that only 2% of dentists attain in the country. She is a graduate of the Medical College of Virginia’s dental school and attends hundreds of hours of continuing education in order to best service her clientele 30 miles south of Atlanta in Charming Locust Grove, Georgia. More information is available at

The Good and Bad About Home Remedies

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Article by Piper Cox

Natural health and home remedies have been around for ages. They were all our many of our ancestors had for health care. Most of them lived in areas where doctors were few and far between. So they learned how to care for their family

Home Remedies For Acne

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Article by Rockwell Fitness


Having all the synthetic products tried and no cure, shifting to natural remedies is one of the safest and effective ways. Sometimes home remedies are being disregarded but are very effective. Home remedies are like changing the dietary intake and having good hygiene. Many acne problems is a result of poor feeding habits such as irregular hour of eating, improper food, too much starch, sugar and fatty foods. And By following remedies can help reduce acne scars without causing any side effects.


Acne scars are the after effect of the treatment of the acne or after the acne will be dried. There are many remedies for acne scars and is quit impressing that it can be found at home and is so effective. Some tips includes replace the nutrients that was loss because of acne. Like diet, water retention, vitamins, minerals and proper hygiene. There are lots of home products that can be applied and the good thing is that it’s all natural. Like orange peel, instead of throwing it away it can be a valuable cure for acne. Soaps and gels that are made from aloe Vera are good home remedies as well. Also saturate the lettuce leaves then use the water to rinse the acne scar after the natural treatment. Also fresh mint juice at night is a very good for acne marks. There are lots and lots of home remedy just are careful and follow good hygiene while applying it like wash hands properly.


Acne scars are often times hard to treat, if surgery is not one of the solution then here are some home tips for acne scars, remove gently some layers of the scar, and nurture the skin with collagen and moisture building food so that the skin can rapidly cure the scar. If the scar appears dark in color the best home remedy is a lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon juice and apply it with cotton on the scar then rinse after 10 minutes, this will lighten the scar. Also eating fruits that are rich with vitamin C. it can also be smeared to the affected area for direct application so that the skin will go through exfoliation.


Natural remedies include a very simple healthy foods and drinking water. Fresh fruits are best for acne scars it will help replenish the nutrients. Have a regular well-balance food; avoid foods that will trigger acne like fatty foods. Fats create moisture to skin and moisture is a good breeding ground for bacteria that will eventually have acne in the skin. Drinking lots of water will increase the nourishment on skin, for glowing skin and not dry skin. Hygiene includes washing hands, taking a bath regularly, and good sanitation. Basically remedies for acne is all about having good lifestyle and good hygiene.

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Healthy Diet and Health Supplements Essential for Healthy Living

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Article by Daisy Wilson

People have always been in search of a miracle that can help them live longer. No such product is yet known to people, but there is a mantra that can help them in the long run; which is the combination of healthy diet and health supplement. Yes, healthy diet and health supplements are essential for healthy living. People, who eat healthy, always stay healthy.

Most the people do not understand well as to what is the correct diet for them. They generally imitate those of the people whom they find fit or is a fitness idol for them. This is totally wrong to imitate anybody else as far as diet and healthy food are concerned. Though there are certain generalized foods or health supplements which are meant for the masses, but there are specifications regarding age and sex of the person. The body construction of a male is very much different from that of a female and so does their requirements in terms of diet. Moreover, the nutritional supplements meant for children have entirely different constituent than a wellness product meant for an adult.

Healthy diet is one which includes all those food items which are rich in the nutrients essentially required by an individual. Many of these nutrients and vitamins which are required by the body to function properly and stay fit are manufactured inside the body, but for their proper functioning, we need to compliment them with few wellness products. But few of the essential nutrients are not manufactured within the body, for which we have to depend upon the health supplements. These health supplements being rich in the essential nutrients are also known as nutritional supplements. These supplements make our bodies resistant to various diseases and also help people ward off many diseases.

Many of the common diseases like arthritis, common cold, increased blood pressure and cholesterol, heart stroke etc can be dealt with the proper combination of healthy diet and health supplement and hence ensure longer life. Living without any tension or stress, which is a dream of most of the people today, can also be had if people follow right diet and take appropriate wellness product.

Daisy Wilson is well known author and written articles on healthcare products, Healthy diet, skin care products, omega3 oil, cardiac care, diabetes treatment, cholesterol control and many more services in India.

Healthy Living Time – Fast Fat Lose Plan Review

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Article by Sarah Kaser

There is definitely no single approach when it comes to losing weight fast. However, there are tons of fast weight loss plans that can be found just about anywhere these days. Some might work and some may not give any visible results at all. But why settle for something unsure if what you are looking for is in Healthy Living Time. It is a fast fat lose plan, made simple, giving you the surest of results fast and without compromising your health at the same time.

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Such plan made so easy to follow is intended for people with weight problems that seem to find losing weight as a daunting task. Healthy Living Time will share with you the secrets to losing weight fast and healthy. You will also find out the mistakes that you have been doing for the past years and help you address such mistakes in the healthiest approach.

Now just imagine if you are able to learn how to eat, when to eat, and which foods to eat? These are just some of the simple things you will discover but are among the most common overlooked aspects in losing weight fast.

Be able to lose weight naturally and have fun while you are at it. No longer will you have to jump unto another weight loss program once you learn all the information you can find in this guide. Not only that, you will also have a way to avoid taking pills and never empty your pocket ever again.

What is best is that it comes in a special price and a bonus to tag along. With all that said, what else are you waiting for? Check out Healthy Living Time today. Grab your copy right now and start losing all that stubborn fat fast and for good.

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The Best Kept Healthy Living Secrets Ever Known!

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Article by

Why did you ever clicked on this article? Are you really that interested to know the best kept secret to healthy living? Probably you want a turnkey solution that’s practical? Here at The Vegan Experience you are going to learn something absolutely astounding and surprising that will shock you off your feet. There is NO secret to healthy living!You cannot get anything easy and when it’s about healthy living the no effort rules just does not apply! In today

Helpful Tips For Healthy Living

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Are you interested to get a healthier life? You can presently find a lot of individuals who will be interested to make the shift a far more nutritious lifestyle. There are a lot of health problems that are caused by the wrong food that we eat. Simply by reducing our consumption of meat and raising our consumption of vegetables and fruits we can definitely reap some positive benefits for our health. The aim of this post is to provide you more information on the changes that you can make and I hope that it’ll be appropriate for you personally.

Firstly you should make sure that you eat some balanced diet. There are plenty of folks that consume more meat than they probably should. People can indeed benefit more from the usage of more fruits and vegetables. This should prevent us from taking in too much fat in our body and at the same time offer all the required nutrients to the body. Those that are interested to acquire more information on good food can take a look at this French post on cuisine () as it contain some useful point.

Eating fruits and vegetables can also assist in treating some health problems. There are several individuals who experience flatulence and can benefit from altering their diet. Undoubtedly flatulence is a result of poor digestion and altering your eating habit may bring some good benefits. Indeed reducing your consumption of specific food can be really beneficial for you. Recently I came across this French article on flatulence () and may be interesting for you to take a look.

If you feel that these changes are actually really beneficial for you it might be interesting that you share your knowledge with your friends and relatives. I do know a number of people that have prepared reception and serve only healthy foods. Your mates will surely benefit from the changes to their way of life. And if you are aware how to do it properly you may also make some savings on the cost of organizing your reception. Should you require more information on this topic you can take a look at this French content on reception planning () as it contains some useful point.

So as to live a wholesome life there are some changes that you will have to make to your lifestyle. And in most cases you will need to make some adjustments to your eating habit. It could be a good idea that you reduce your consumption of meat and instead concentrate on eating fruits and vegetables. This can certainly be really valuable in the long run. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article and that you will take advantage of the tips offered.

You can obtain more information on the topic placed in the content by taking a look at the links within the text: organiser une reception, gaz intestinaux, dictionnaire de la cuisine

Diabetes Guide to Healthy Living

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Diabetes, and complications that often arise from the disease, increases the risk of developing certain other health problems, including heart and circulatory diseases. To ensure a long and healthy life it’s important to prevent these conditions developing by paying attention to the following diabetes guide to healthy living.

Exercise on a regular basis – Various activities such as walking, swimming, dancing or cycling, will help keep your weight at an ideal level and assist in keeping blood sugar levels under control. Please check with your physician before engaging in any strenuous activity such as jogging or aerobics.

Stay away from smoking and alcohol – Smoking should be completely avoided since it greatly increases the risk of many health problems, including damage to the blood vessels. With high blood sugar you often run the risk of circulation problems and smoking greatly increases the risk.

Drink alcohol in moderation – It is inadvisable to drink on an empty stomach since this can cause hypoglycemia.

Excessive alcohol also contributes to high blood pressure. Please be sure to check your blood sugar levels on a regular basis before and after you drink alcohol to see how it affects you.

Maintain a healthy diet – A healthy diet is essential to not only combating this disease but living a long and healthy life. This should include regular meals that are low in fat and high in fiber, such as fruit, vegetables and pulses (beans, lentils and peas).

It’s important to cut down on sugar, especially refined sugars, and to have reduced-sugar foods and drinks. Have chocolate, cakes and sugary drinks as a treat only on special occasions and even then you should watch the amount that you eat. It is also important to reduce the amount of salt in your diet since this contributes to high blood pressure that in turn may cause heart disease and strokes.

Check blood pressure – Blood pressure levels should be checked regularly to ensure they’re at a safe level. General recommendations are twice per day, after lunch and dinner. However, your physician may wish that you test more often.

Please follow the guidelines set out by your doctor. Current guidelines suggest that someone with diabetes should have a blood pressure level
below 130/80.

Watch cholesterol levels – A high cholesterol level
damages the blood vessels and is another risk factor for heart and circulatory diseases.

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Cold Sore Home Remedy

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Is there a cold sore home remedy that really works?

Curing cold sores is difficult if not next to impossible and no treatment works for everyone. For example one person will have good results with a cold sore home remedy while another person will not.

One cold sore home remedy is to try and dry out the sore. Another approach is to keep the sore moist and deprive it of oxygen. And still a third is to dry out the sore and then keep it moist.

There are many cold sore home remedy methods using normal household supplies that do not fall into the above three categories.


The method of drying out the sore involves applying some sort of astringent to the site. There are many different products that accomplish this. Most of them contain alcohol or a solvent that dries out the skin.

Most of the time one would use ice and/or open the blisters with a needle before using these products.

Here is a partial list of products that dry the sore, starting with the most logical and proceeding to the hard to believe:

Rubbing alcohol

Finger nail polish remover (acetone)

Hydrogen peroxide

Hand sanitizer





Bath soap



Sulfur from unburned match heads




Jack Daniels


If you want to try the cold sore home remedy option of depriving the cold sore from oxygen and keeping it moist, the following is a partial list of products that will do this:



Campho phenique

Aloe Vera



Chap stick



Lip balm

Ear wax

Your own skin oil


The procedure for this is to dry the sore out until a scab forms and then keep the scab moist so it doesn’t crack or bleed while it heals.

Drying the sore is probably a better cold sore home remedy than keeping it moist.

Almost all of the ‘over the counter’ preparations keep the area moist.

Usually this is not effective in shortening the episode.

Over 61% of the people reporting, said that the commercial products were not effective, or even made the outbreak worse.


Next is a partial list of cold sore home remedies that don’t really fall into either of the preceding categories. However, they are reported to be helpful in treating cold sores.

Chopped garlic, or garlic pieces

Tea tree oil

Green tea bag

Frozen tea bag

Dried Instant coffee made into a paste with a little water

Pepto Bismal

Whole milk

Eucalyptus oil

Preparation H


Green Papaya Sap

Benadryl applied topically with lip balm

Calamine lotion

Many cold sore home remedies combine several of these products which can be complicated, time consuming and painful.


Here is an extreme example of a real cold sore sufferer’s home remedy:

· First, open the blisters with a needle.

· Then apply apple cider vinegar with salt. (Yes, it is painful.)

· After 20 minutes apply lemon with salt until the stinging stops.

· Next, put toothpaste on it overnight.

· In the morning apply Vaseline, followed by more vinegar and salt.

· After that dab it with milk.

· In 20 minutes use rubbing alcohol on it.

· In 30 minutes cover it with finger nail polish remover.

· Finally crush a clove of garlic and hold it to the sore. (Yes, it stings.)

· By this time the sore is gone and you can cover the redness with lip stick.

Another example from a real world sufferer:

· Apply bleach with a cotton ball. (Yes, it burns.)

· Then hold a wet green tea bag on the site.

· Next soak a Centrum multi-vitamin tablet, crush it into paste and apply for 20 minutes.

· Then you end up with a scab so put some cream on it.

Do Cold Sore home remedies really work?

Most of these home remedies are reported to shorten the episode, However they focus on applying something to the sore after it has already started.

So the best that can be expected is to shorten the healing time and perhaps relieve some of the pain. Be aware that some of them actually increase the pain.

There are many other home remedies, but you can see how involved the procedure for curing a cold sore can be. It takes a lot of time to treat a cold sore this way and usually a person only shortens the episode by a few days. However, these treatments are more effective than ‘over the counter’ products.

Vitamins and supplements are available which can reduce or even eliminate outbreaks, making a cold sore home remedy unnecessary.

There are better ways to control cold sore outbreaks and you may even be able to stop them before they start.

Get a free 10 day email course on cold sore remedies, and how to stop cold sores before they start by going to Plus get free articles and videos on how to treat cold sores. Daniel has first-hand experience on killing cold sores for almost 40 years…get his free resources today.

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How Do Home Remedies Differ from Herbal Treatments?

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Article by Gertie And Gord Guide

Many natural treatments have now become extremely popular today. Homeopaths and Naturopaths have added to our traditional western medicine and are gaining popularity in all ages groups. Many people prefer not to take prescription or commercial medications for mild medical conditions in order to avoid negative side effects that often exist.

These natural remedies are also used for additional relief in combination with prescription or over the counter medication. Both home remedies and herbal treatments are considered to be natural. Despite the common misconception, the two terms do not overlap completely. There are some major differences.


Also known as herbal medicine, herbalism is in fact, a form of science. Various herbs or medicinal plants are used on their own or in different combinations to relieve and cure specific illnesses. These medicines were discovered centuries ago and as people started to have better understanding of herbal plants, and their healing properties, the medications became more complex.

The home remedies are also part of folklore medicine. However, they do not necessarily include herbs. In fact, a large number of home remedies we use are not herbal. For instance baking soda is used for the relief of various skin conditions as well as an antibacterial drug. Salt is a mineral that is also popular with people who rely on home treatment. The consumption of different vegetables, fruits and foods is also considered beneficial. These are considered home remedies, but they are not herbal treatments.

Another important difference between the two is that home remedies are actually prepared at home. Various ingredients typically found in the kitchen are used in their preparation and may or may not include herbs. The recipes are well known and easy to prepare at home without the use of special tools or unconventional methods.

The herbal treatments, on the other hand, may require the use of ingredients that are not present in every home. Some herbs are picked only in specific areas while others appear only during a short time of the year. In addition, the preparation process is much stricter and often more complex. Some herbal ingredients may require long fermentation.

In addition, herbal medicine is much like modern day medicine. It aims to recognize the individual symptoms and treat them with the use of a combination of herbs. In traditional Chinese medicine, for instance, the herbalist combines different plants to create a unique medication. It is made to treat the specific symptoms of the sufferer.

The main differences between home remedies and herbal remedies were formed historically. In most communities, there were people who actually practiced herbalism and traditional medicine. In some cultures these were recognized as healers while in others they were shamans. Even nuns and monks practiced herbalism in Europe. Often an herbal potion was accompanied by the use of spells and enchantments that were thought to help in the treatment and only special people could be healers.

Home Remedies

Home remedies, on the other hand, were accessible to all. The recipes were passed from one person to another and down through the generations. Most of them were actually known as cooking recipes and in fact, the first written records of home remedies are found in cookbooks.

Today the gap between herbal treatments and home remedies is continually growing. Modern day medications work quickly and are effective for the most part. However, many modern drugs have side effects, and scientists are paying greater attention to the plants and beneficial extracts from the past.

Overall, home remedies and herbal treatments differ to a great extent. Still, you can use both types whenever the need arises alone or alongside modern medicine depending on the illnesses you are being treated for. Choose a reputable store with qualified staff to gather your information. Purchase top quality ingredients and always consult professionals to work hand in hand when dealing with your own health and the health of your family.

Got a burning question about tips on how do home remedies differ from herbal remedies? Grandpa Gord and Grandma Gertie put a sensible spin on expert advice, with a little humor thrown into the mix. We cover topics ranging from pets to parenting, careers to hobbies, relationships to lifestyle, finances to food, and everything in between. Visit us at for some simple and straight from the hip advice from people who