Will An Organic Multivitamin Make The Difference?

December 2nd, 2011 Posted in Organic

Article by Timmy Vic

Choosing which vitamins to buy can be difficult enough, but finding an Organic Multivitamin can be even more complicated. Not only do you need to read the labels, as is necessary for purchasing any vitamin but you also need to be certain that if the vitamin is labels as an organic multivitamin, it also has the right certifications. Mogo Organics offers an organic multivitamin that is all natural and truly organic. To see their list of products, visit mogoorganics.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a set determination of what is required for a product to be called an organic multivitamin. Some products use the label “organic multivitamin” as a marketing ploy, but haven’t actually researched and sourced their ingredients from locations which are certified organic. Organic multivitamin companies can charge more for their product because the work that goes in to ensuring the ingredients in the organic multivitamin are actually organic justifies the price. However dishonest companies claim to sell an organic multivitamin when it isn’t really an organic multivitamin. This means they try to take advantage of the higher pricing opportunity, but they don’t do the work to earn it.

Not only is this dishonest, it is also a poor business practice since many people have developing allergies to the chemicals companies use to keep pests at bay, and there is growing concern over genetically modified foods, which are often included as colorant or filler. When a company claims to offer an organic multivitamin, but in truth does not, they actually can put customers at risk for reactions and illness. Another way companies cheat the system, is buy using only a minimal amount of organic ingredients. Rather than a product being completely or primarily organic, it is not organic but rather contains organic ingredients, which is not the same thing.

It is important as more and more companies see the benefit in being included in the “organic movement” that we read labels and hold companies accountable for not including truly organic ingredients and practices. Mogo Organics not only understands the value of selling an organic multivitamin, but they also have excellent ethics and really do use organic ingredients in their proprietary line. Buying your organic multivitamin from a company that really understands the benefits of truly organic ingredients, and who works hard to keep the nutritional value of a product in tact while any necessary processing is completed is imperative. Mogo Organics offers this and more in their powdered organic multivitamin and nutritional supplements. Contact them today for more information, or with any questions about their product.

The growing trend toward organic does also include organic multivitamin purchases. More and more people are seeing the importance of buying organic, and this means also purchasing an organic multivitamin over a traditional one. Mogo Organics offers a way to get the organic multivitamin impact, with even more nutrition than the pharmaceutically derived version! Another excellent benefit of this organic multivitamin is that it isn’t in pill form. This means you have the option of adding your organic multivitamin to juice, shakes and even water for a nutritious boost. To see all the products they offer, visit their site at mogoorganics.

Mogo Organics holds its organic health products to the highest standard of purity by using only natural ingredients; no artificial ingredients are added to any nutritional formula. For more information, visit www.mogoorganics.com.

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