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December 2nd, 2011 Posted in Mediation

Article by Chris Gyles

Mediation is the most appropriate way of resolving family disputes that may have occurr after a separation or divorce. Through mediation former couples can gain help and advice to find their own solutions to their conflicts or disputes. Mediation in family disputes does not just function for for couples after separation or divorce, it helps with all kinds of family problems. These can include; a parent and child dispute; disagreements over care of elderly or terminally ill relatives; issues about grandparents contact with grandchildren; or homelessness that was caused by family disputes.

Both parties in the family dispute can explain their concerns and needs to each other whilst being witnessed by a fully qualified family mediator. Mediators are a neutral party, they are on nobodys side. Mediators are selected to be helpful to both parties of the conflict, unlike a solicitor who would work for the party that has employed them. If a case does not seem to be moving very fast, the mediator can suggest many ways of solving a problem to help the parties reach an agreement which would be seen as an acceptable option to both parties. Although, just to clarify, a mediator can never tell the parties what to do in any circumstance as the parties supposed to be the ones controlling the mediation.

The mediator will provide information about the law in relation to the family dispute. But, mediators are unable to provide advice about what to do to resolve the conflict, this should be entirely up to the parties. Before mediation is started, it would be advisableto contact a family solicitor to provide some general legal advice in relation to the dispute to give you a better idea about the law and what your rights are. A solicitor would be able to aid you during the mediation process, a fully qualified solicitor could be hired as a mediators advocate. This would mean that the solicitor can assist you before and inbetween sessions with the mediator. Once a settlement has been reached they would be giving you that peace of mind that the outcome is fair for both parties.

Mediation is a highly successful and positive approach to resolve disputes that may have been caused by a separation or any other family dispute. Mediation saves time and money as it allows the parties to reach a settlement outside of the courts, where a judge would decide the outcome. Family mediation mainly focuses on divorce cases, such as; grounds for a divorce and what will happen with the children, how the management of shared care of the children will be handled. Mediation will often help decide how the family assets will be divided, how financial support for family members will be arranged and managed.

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