Role of balance diet and exercise in fitness

November 29th, 2011 Posted in Diet And Exercise

Article by John Parker

Fitness is the other name of happiness and house of positive energy. It is a fit person who has positive energy in him and has capability to turn any stone to achieve his goals. Hard work can only be put in by a fit person. A weak or ill person would never be able to put his 100% energy and would not be able to concentrate properly. Hence, he is prone to face failure and distress.

It is well said that in order to be fit one should maintain balance diet and exercise. It is the balance diet that would keep you full of energy and exercise would help you remain active. You would not feel lazy or stressed out if you keep taking both balance diet and exercise in your routine.

Balanced diet is several times taken wrongly as intake of all three meals with a glass of milk but this is not a balanced diet. A balanced diet must contain carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamin, mineral salts and fiber in well proportionate quantity. Carbohydrates are the source of energy so these play an important role in balanced diet. Intentional inclusion of all foods from fruits to vegetables and meats to grains all are included in balanced diet.

Similarly exercise is wrongly perceived as an act just for body builders. Infact exercise is even more important to the non bodybuilders as they have to concentrate on other aspects of life. It is very important to understand the use of exercise. Exercise produces an increase in oxygen consumption reflecting the muscles use of oxygen to provide energy. As oxygen use increases so does the production of free radicals. It is well known that free radicals can be generated from metabolic situations, which occur as a result of demanding training.

Hence it is well perceived that exercise, diet, physical condition and environment are factors, which also play an important role in the balance equation. It is all these factors together that act together to give best results to your input. Therefore, it is important to take both balance diet and exercise to achieve fitness.

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