Healthy Weight Loss Through Diet And Exercise

November 29th, 2011 Posted in Diet And Exercise

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Your look in the mirror for most men and women is how we measure our shape and state of our bodies.  To get to this point, we must work on our shape, not just lose weight.  Healthy weight loss will not just improve your shape, it will help with your overall self-esteem, which is an integral part of life.  The key, as you may have ascertained, is healthy.

First, let us discuss what is unhealthy.  You will know an unhealthy diet by watching those that are dieting or have dieted by the yo-yo effect.  Many of these diets come from pill popping and fast fat loss.  Healthy weight loss, on the other hand, involves two of the most outspoken words…diet and exercise.

Let us examine the diet…

No healthy weight loss plan is complete without a balance of good food intake and aerobic exercise.  Do not let the food-thing fool you, it does not stand for starvation diet.  In many situations, you will actually be increasing your intake.  Nor does such diet mean stripping carbs and fat from your diet, as some diet claim.  Most diets will have you increasing your intake of vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains and drink plenty of water.  As always, before you start any regimen, consult your physician and a dietician.


A close second to your diet is exercise.  Now, I am not asking you to start running 5k’s, just a consistent amount of aerobic exercise.  To help tone and balance, you can certainly through in anaerobic exercise, such as weight training.  Just try possibly walking.  Remember, whatever it is, it should be done  three-plus times per week for 30 minutes or more each time.

If walking or running is not your thing, try taking on one of the fitness sessions at your local gym.  Most regional fitness centers have group workouts and trust me, you will not be the only overweight person in the group.  You can also schedule your weight training.

If you are still struggling to motivate yourself to get going, it may be time to invest in a personal trainer.  Though Cooper Clinic certified trainers are the best, you should be able to get a qualified trainer at most fitness centers.  You may want to check out your local paper or Internet for small, independent trainers in your area.  You could also check out something like runtofinish.


I realize it is difficult to see through all the temptations out there using fast fat loss pills, etc., but your best bet is to follow some sort of healthy weight loss program.

Every weight loss journey requires direction and a healthy program. Check out my weight loss program comparison article: EzineArticles Review.

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