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December 8th, 2011 Posted in Home Remedies

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Having all the synthetic products tried and no cure, shifting to natural remedies is one of the safest and effective ways. Sometimes home remedies are being disregarded but are very effective. Home remedies are like changing the dietary intake and having good hygiene. Many acne problems is a result of poor feeding habits such as irregular hour of eating, improper food, too much starch, sugar and fatty foods. And By following remedies can help reduce acne scars without causing any side effects.


Acne scars are the after effect of the treatment of the acne or after the acne will be dried. There are many remedies for acne scars and is quit impressing that it can be found at home and is so effective. Some tips includes replace the nutrients that was loss because of acne. Like diet, water retention, vitamins, minerals and proper hygiene. There are lots of home products that can be applied and the good thing is that it’s all natural. Like orange peel, instead of throwing it away it can be a valuable cure for acne. Soaps and gels that are made from aloe Vera are good home remedies as well. Also saturate the lettuce leaves then use the water to rinse the acne scar after the natural treatment. Also fresh mint juice at night is a very good for acne marks. There are lots and lots of home remedy just are careful and follow good hygiene while applying it like wash hands properly.


Acne scars are often times hard to treat, if surgery is not one of the solution then here are some home tips for acne scars, remove gently some layers of the scar, and nurture the skin with collagen and moisture building food so that the skin can rapidly cure the scar. If the scar appears dark in color the best home remedy is a lemon juice. Squeeze a lemon juice and apply it with cotton on the scar then rinse after 10 minutes, this will lighten the scar. Also eating fruits that are rich with vitamin C. it can also be smeared to the affected area for direct application so that the skin will go through exfoliation.


Natural remedies include a very simple healthy foods and drinking water. Fresh fruits are best for acne scars it will help replenish the nutrients. Have a regular well-balance food; avoid foods that will trigger acne like fatty foods. Fats create moisture to skin and moisture is a good breeding ground for bacteria that will eventually have acne in the skin. Drinking lots of water will increase the nourishment on skin, for glowing skin and not dry skin. Hygiene includes washing hands, taking a bath regularly, and good sanitation. Basically remedies for acne is all about having good lifestyle and good hygiene.

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