A few Data About Healthy Living

December 8th, 2011 Posted in Healthy Living

Article by te Luke

Healthy living can be a healthy pattern of behavior, manifested in living regularly, without undesirable habits, pay attention to individualism, environment and food hygiene, discussing science, not superstition, usually pay attention to health, go to docters immediate when ill, and actively participate in healthy sporting activities and social activities. Healthy lifestyle should include the following five areas:The first one is to have a reasonable diet. That means to provide a comprehensive, balanced nutritional diet. The Ministry of Health released a new version of “Chinese Dietary Guidelines” for a balanced diet and manufactured an authoritative guidance. The second one is to do regular exercise. Regular exercise can’t only aid retain a healthy body, but probably lower the risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases. Meanwhile, the amount of movement can adjust psychological balance, eliminate the role of stress and improve sleep. During exercise the body expel toxins through sweat. The third one is to give up alcohol and limit smoking. Smoking damages to health. Every smoker should quit smoking. In the event that it is too difficult then it can be cut down a little or a pumping electronic cigarette. Meanwhile,drinking shouldn’t be excessive. The suitable number of alcohol could be the key to keep a physical body. The fourth one is to continue to keep psychological balance. That could objectively evaluate ourselves and with the correct ways to face the pressure of daily life, and work and study efficiently, which will eventually contribute to the family and society. the fifth one is to live a civilized life. Living a civilized life refers to have a healthy and civilized lifestyle, eliminating pornography. The five elements of a healthy lifestyle is easy to say, but hard to do. A citizen who always maintain a reasonable diet, do regular exercise, quit alcohol and hold mental balance, is almost not exist. It’s not at all easy to do that. Each is facing with the complicated social, interpersonal relationship, communication and entertainment , reciprocity, folk customs, competition for jobs, etc. From an early age every citizen could face life stress and family discord. When thay become adults they face employment, marriage, birth, child training, support for the elderly, jobs and other such practical issues. And we may plus all kinds of undesirable social practices, this kind of health problems is not small. Based on incomplete statistics, a variety of common diseases, about 71 % ~ 85% diseases are cause because of the way people live and poor health, such as alcoholism in vogue every now and then and gay alcoholic liver disease prevalence as high as 42%.

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