How to Idiot Proof Your Diet and Exercise Program

December 7th, 2011 Posted in Diet And Exercise

Article by Rosie Peters

There is a lot of hype on the net about the “idiot proof diet”. Can such a foolproof diet exist? Is it just too much to hope for that you can go on a diet and know you will achieve the weight loss you dream of? A diet where not only do you lose your excess fat, but you maintain a healthy, toned and fit body forever?

I’m not talking about the fad diets of weirdo food combinations and starvation level calorie intakes that “ban” particular food groups and tell you there is no need to exercise. These diets are traps for those desperate to lose weight, promising super quick results without undue or sustained effort.

On such fad diets, you do lose some fat. You also lose some muscle, some lean tissue, lots of water and if you are really in over your head, some organ tissue. Let us not speak of these crazy fad diets again.

Let’s just focus on the style of diet that is well constructed, balanced and nutritious.

Well, the truth of the matter is that sensible diet and exercise programs never fail.

The problem is that sadly, people do fail.

They fail to plan and prepare. They fail to set long term, medium term and short term goals. They fail to eat the right types of food in the correct portions and proportions at the right time of day. They fail to make a healthy diet and exercise program a top priority in their lives.

So I guess in one respect, there is no such thing as an “idiot proof diet”, but on the other hand, if you can achieve a sustained state of mind where you are willing and able to commit to planning, preparation, prioritising and practice of what you are taught on an idiot proof diet, you cannot fail to lose your fat deposits forever.

A healthy lifestyle is a fresh start; it is not a free ride. It is definitely well worth the effort to look and feel better than you currently do, but the bottom line is that there is effort involved.

Any idiot can see that.

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