Uterine Fibroids Home Remedy

December 7th, 2011 Posted in Home Remedies

Many women of childbearing age have harmless growths in their uterus known as fibroids. They are rarely dangerous and usually require no treatment. However, if you have unpleasant symptoms, such as bloating, heavy bleeding or urinary problems, you might consider trying a uterine fibroids home remedy.

The very fact that fibroids are normally not dangerous means that doctors are reluctant to use invasive procedures such as surgery, or medications which can unpleasant side effects, particularly when neither of these treatments offer a permanent solution. The reason for this is that unless you can address and eliminate what has caused your fibroids to grow in the first place, they will begin to regrow after conventional treatment.

Although it is difficult to determine the precise cause of fibroid growth in an individual, it is believed that they grow in response to a number of primary and secondary factors such as being overweight or obese, hormonal imbalances, an intake of environmental toxins, a build up of liver toxins, lack of exercise, excess stress and a poor diet.

Changing your diet is probably the single most effective uterine fibroids home remedy. You should concentrate on eating only organic produce to minimise the amount of chemicals you might ingest. Ensure that your diet is based largely on unprocessed foods which should be eaten in their natural state where possible. Aim to eat a minimum of 7 portions of fresh fruits and vegetables, concentrating on dark green leafy vegetables and dark colored fruits such as cherries, strawberries and blueberries. Other good foods include beans, nuts and seeds. Drinking enough fluid is also important. Aim to drink at least 2 liters of water daily and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Certain herbs can be very useful as part of a uterine fibroids home remedy. Milk thistle, dandelion and yellow dock root can all assist in the liver cleansing process.

In terms of symptomatic relief, heat therapy in the form of a warm bath can help to relieve pains and cramps as can a gentle massage.

There is no doubt that although these tips can help, the best way to help deal with your fibroids naturally is to use an organised, systematic uterine fibroids home remedy which eliminates each and every possible cause of fibroids. Research has shown that excellent results can be achieved by a large proportion of women who are prepared to make a number of significant lifestyle and dietary changes.

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