Diet and Exercise Tips!

December 7th, 2011 Posted in Diet And Exercise

Article by Jen Jolan

Here are some important diet and exercise tips you can start using immediately to get faster weight loss. I can’t magically say you’ll be skinny in a week because I’ve never seen you before, but I’m pretty sure if you take the 2 minutes to read this article and then follow the advice, you will lose weight quicker than you are currently.

Diet and Exercise Tips

1. Diet secret

Use cinnamon to help control your blood sugar. You want stable blood sugar levels because when they spike up due to sugars in your foods or drinks, the carbs will turn straight into body fat in a little bit. Cinnamon helps to prevent that. Now, a lot of foods don’t seem to work well with cinnamon, but you’d be surprised. You only need a teaspoon of it with your meal. You can simply mix it into some of your water if you don’t want to spread it on your food.

2. Exercise secret

The best way to speed up your metabolism and keep it running fast is to do MINI-WORKOUTS that last 3-10 minutes at a time. Now, listen to what I’m about to say very carefully because this will be the easiest way you can workout AND save time. Use tv commercials. A tv commercial break lasts about 3 minutes.


This is great for busy people and it’s a great way to keep track of your exercising. Just use commercials every once in awhile. Or, if you want to get it over with quickly, there are about 7 commercial breaks of 3 minutes each for a 1 hour tv show. There’s your 20+ minute workout right there… all while watching tv.

Take these 2 important diet and exercise tips and start using them immediately if you’re sick and tired of being overweight. They work!

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