Acne Home Remedies- An Effective and Inexpensive Way

December 6th, 2011 Posted in Home Remedies

Article by Thomas Jones

If you think that preparing home remedies to get rid of acne is a herculean task, then it’s time to know about the simple ways of doing it. You just need to have some ingredients and your remedies are ready in sometime. Read on to know how.

People are looking forward to using natural and home remedies for acne. They don’t prefer treating it with conventional medication anymore. It is undoubtedly more convenient and easy to use. One more advantage is- it is highly economical as compared to the conventional methods of treatment. Getting into the technicalities of preparing it, you must be familiar with some fundamental things that can complement your acne home remedies.

You can count so many unique combinations of regular household ingredients that can be used in treating your acne problem effectively.

Basic Ingredients to Use In Making Home Remedies

Some of the simple and regular products that can help you in preparing home remedies are- orange, lemon, lavender oil, citrus fruits, mint oil, tea tree oil, toothpaste, garlic, honey, olive oil, turmeric and other such things, which are anti-bacterial in nature. These all can be clubbed with other home made natural recipes to make an effective anti-acne product.

Some Quick Home Remedies To Treat Acne

Taking vitamin supplements and enough intake of water with regular exercise detoxify the body, and improve the skin. Besides these, there are some more inexpensive and ‘not so difficult’ steps in order to see instant results to get rid of acne problem.

* Mix rose water and lemon juice in same proportion. Apply it on your face for 30 minutes and rinse. Doing so constantly will not only control the acne problem but also lightens the blemishes and scars.

* You will be surprised to know that your toothpaste can help in reducing the swelling of your pimples. Apply some before you sleep and the next morning you will see the immediate effect. Likewise, strawberry leaves are also used against swelling of the acne.

* Apply fresh mint juice mixed with turmeric powder on your face. Keep it for 30 minutes and wash it with lukewarm water. It will be useful against acne and marks on the face.

* Mash or blend orange peel, mix it with water, form a paste and apply it on the acne problem area to get results. Mix vinegar with salt, rub it on the pimples and leave it for 10-20 minutes. Remove it with water.

* Applying the paste of cucumber as a face pack for around 30 minutes will prevent the breaking out of pimples.

* Your acne would also disappear with the repeated applications of fresh garlic on your face.

* Blend papaya, watermelon, honeydew, musk or nutmeg with milk and keep the paste on your face for sometime. Do this regularly to watch the effective results.

Advantages Of Using Home Remedies For Acne Control

* They are affordable, user-friendly and reliable.

* As they are made up of natural and herbal elements, they don’t irritate your skin. People having sensitive skin can find solace in these homemade remedies as the conventional medications are futile for them.

* Due to being economical and simple to make, you have an opportunity to get the effective treatment with home remedies.

* These methods also offer diversity in treatment. This implies that after applying so many products and seeing the results, you can go ahead using that suits you the best and give the desired output.

Therefore, there are so many benefits attached to making acne remedies at home. It is better to switch to using these natural and non-conventional remedies for acne cure.

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